Region weirdness _ who can see Iljamae?


It’s available for me in Italy


No, It was about Iljimae specifically. People have wanted to see it for a long time but it was not available until recently. I can see Iljimae in the US but other people in the US can not. So I was going to try the watch party option to see if the other people in the US could get in that way but a watch party is not an option on my side. It’s just strange.

( Lol Unless Idaho has become a ‘special’ region because the refuse-to-pay-their-taxes whackos in the northern part of the state have successfully succeded Idaho from the union. Boy! We are in deep doo-doo if they get their way. :roll_eyes:)

So politics aside, it is weird that some can see the show while others can not.


Maybe it is a status thing, sometimes QCs have access while others don’t?


Maybe. That would entail other QCs to try it out.


I think the last time I was looking at the channel it was unavailable, about 2-3 weeks ago.
Now I have access, but I live in Germany and I am QC, but it seems at least here it doesn’t matter, if you are QC or not.
Okay, what else could there be - the Viki Pass version?


I’d love to watch this too! I can see the popcorn bucket but it seems there’s a glitch with it, and not just for this drama.

Steps I’ve taken, 1 to 4 and back to 1, all over again lol.




I’ve tried, but it’s a “no go” for this watch party :frowning: We’ll all have to watch it on our own. At least till the glitch is fixed. :roll_eyes:


is not the popcorn bucket you normally see on the drama page. As long as you do not see it there - right next to the watch list box, then it is not working.


@sweetybirdtoo @porkypine90_261

It seems we can see in US but no pop corn bucket either on my end.

I’m having a hard time watching because is ‘‘buffering’’ constantly.

I’ll try today later on;. will make a report of video buffering to see if it can be corrected.


I can see it, must be available for Standard Pass also, and yes Pop corn icon is there… so the watch party can be done :joy: I see Park Shi Hoo plays in Iljimae, Lee Jung Ki was so young and cool :heart_eyes: It’s seems like 10 years ago I watched this :rofl:

Edit: Well the pop corn icon is on the page but it leads to “explore” page and it’s not in my region supported as Watch Party


He’s still very cool! :wink:


You can see it at the page, not at the top?


He is, but to me he seems to have lost somehow weight, particularly in his face… I find his eyes very special! :heart_eyes:


Okay, I see, there are only 9 Korean historical shows supported for Watch Party, I thought the icon above right was for the show, so I guess it’s not!!


Yes you are right, it’s the first channel.

Boys over flowers 3 rd and coffee prince is 5th in Korean.


Hey @porkypine90_261… did you ever figure this out? This show has been on my WL since I started watching K-dramas, and I’ve petitioned Viki several times to make it available.


Count me in when you do start a WP. I’ve been dying to rewatch this again.
I don’t see the WP option either.


I’d sure love to see it again!! lljimae


I actually went out and bought it because it was not online in the US. About a year later It surfaced here. but no watch party option.


wonder if its on going to check it out today, what about iqiyi

I just discovered these two recently, and not there