Reincarnation-themed dramas?

As the title says, anyone know of any shows around getting reincarnated?

I can think of some series like Proposal Daisakusen, where time gets turned back to give someone a second chance. Or the recent Come Back Ahjussi, where the characters have died and, again, get a chance to fix things. And then there are time traveling stories, where characters wake up in someone else’s body in the past, etc.

But are there any dramas where you have character(s) that live their life, die, and are reborn? Maybe with memories of their past life intact. I’m more interested in maybe a period/historical drama with a similar premise, but I’m also open to hear about any kind of TV series or even movie about it.

If anyone knows of anything, thanks in advance ^-^


Do dramas about a parallel existence count or you are only interested in reincarnation?
I liked the british “Life on Mars” (not the spin offs or sequels)

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Are you only interested in k- dramas?

If not, I would suggest:

  • 12 monkeys- time travel (the series or the movie, the movie is classic, the series is contemporary)
  • Awake - it’s not exactly reincarnation, a guy lives in two parallel universes after an accident
  • Dollhouse - persons are stripped of their personalities and become “empty vessels” for personalities on demand- scifi, not exactly what you asked, but I think you would find it interesting
  • Dead like me - a girl dies and comes back to help people- stay away from the movie, the series was good
  • Les revenants- the dead of a small town come back, not zombies or ghosts, it’s different
  • the 4400- people had vanished and come back

I hope this helps.


If you want drama with “second chance” or “reincarnation”, I would said:

-49 days
-Padam Padam
-Postman heaven (movie)


Also, don’t “Rooftop Prince” and “You Who Came from the Stars” partially deal with reincarnation?

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Postman Heaven was so good!!!
49 days I cried so much!

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How about the king of romance. I thought it was good cried a few times

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Proposal Daisakusen and its Korean version, Operation Proposal had nothing to do with reincarnation, it was only time travel. The guy didn’t die to be reborn, but was given the chance to go back in time to make things right with his beloved - same story as Manhole, only better made. A 19-year old Yoo Seung Ho was impressive in his first leading adult role.

I’ve watched more than 150 Korean dramas so far and, although time travel is very popular, ghosts who visit the living are very popular, but it’s strange how the reincarnation theme hasn’t been exploited more by writers!

Faith/The Great Doctor and Queen In Hyun’s Man was also NOT reincarnation but time travel. (I haven’t watched Dr. Jin but I think that’s the same thing).
Rooftop Prince blends time travel with a little bit of reincarnation, because the guy from the past travels into the future, but there is his reincarnated self in coma all this time (and that’s the reason for the time travel of the ancient version of the soul)
In Alice: The Boy from Wonderland the main lead is a ghost (the story is extremely complicated, you have to watch it twice and read countless comments to understand what’s going on), but he gets reincarnated at the end (that blurry thing is a spoiler, so if you don’t mind, click on it to read it).
Gu Family Book also has reincarnation only at the very end, and everyone was pissed off at the sloppiness.


Goblin had reincarnation of two women. One is made to remember the past from some point onwards, the other will be reborn in the future and we have a glimpse of her reincarnated self.
Chicago Typewriter had three reincarnated people and one ghost from the past.

From all of the dramas I watched, these two where reincarnation was a major theme.


the queen’s man( I think that’s the title) what about the top of the top one, secret heart
Dr. Jin, well that isn’t reincarnation, is it? yeah ! let,s have some reincarnation stuff, no vampires or witches, even a mystery of sorts OH!! Gu family book!! the police officer and those other guys too. I could say some Americanized ones but that isn’t what we want here. I am all for it! reincarnation, where,s that king ,get a mystery going there too. , Was going to say Goblin, but that was an eternity being, right?
49days I thought it was soul hopping, excuse me, possessed by another spirit.
Faith? time travel, the newer one , Tunnel, but see, we are still wanting

reincarnation. I think it would be kinda good. different too.

I just remembered something about reincarnation, if its written the reincarnation has to be at least 100 years. No one didn’t say they would be in the same country they died in… again atlantis buff, what about the titanic, those murders of 1989 in Korea, and that one isn’t 100 years, but who can say?? hey!! Pompei, sorry folks imagination running away with me!! still think it would be a cool thing, writers where are you???

The show The Love Knot: His Excellencys First Love (Moonshine and Valentine) is really great!
it deals with reincarnation of his lover over and over again. It is also a fantasy!

Somehow 18 is also really amazing, deals with time travel.

Oh! My Emperor is by far my favorite on the list. It deals with time travel and minor reincarnation(The last episode). All in all this one is the best one on the list in my opinion!

Gu Family book! Is also amazing!

the love knot was awesome!!, was the water bride a reincarnation?

My recommendations isn’t exactly reincarnation drama & a mix time travel sort something like this.
It’s called Bpoop phae sainwaat it is a thai lakorn it become my favorite drama of the year i was so obsessed with it.
Please check out this post it includes all the information & summary there.

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There is Orange Marmalade(Bonus it has vampires) and Hello Dear Ancestors (This one is more of a time travel but there are undertones, but it does not focus on reincarnation as a whole) , Scarlet heart.(This one is amazing, the Korean Version only has one season, but the Chinese version has two seasons, both dealing with reincarnation and time travel, I love it, but personally not my type of flow ect, but give it a chance it is pretty amazing!)
Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter this was is all about reincarnation, it is pretty damn amazing!


what about that ,love knot the emperor s first love. love from the stars, so-so one, bride of the water god, korean oddesy(?) I think thats the name. another like Hello dear ancestors, But the girl went back in time and landed on a pirate ship what about doctor Jin which now is restricted, and the great doctor (Faith ) the student that walks at night, aran & the magistrate

The Flames daughter (c-drama) is about reincarnation.

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even though it is not related see ‘dramaworld’ it was an amazing drama ,i wish i can also enter the journey like that.

Could it be The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion special?

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Love Script
A modern day story with lots of flashbacks to an earlier timeline.

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Rebirth: Next (2005)

It’s a really interesting drama that explores reincarnation and past lives, so you get 5 dramas in 1 really. It starts in the present day and then devotes several episodes to each past life before returning to the present day to wrap up the drama. A true hidden gem and totally worth the watch.


IK haven’t seen cimderella chef on here.

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