Respect the hotties who've paved the way

As a Boomer who will turn 70 in October, I have always loved the fact that Asian dramas include interesting, attractive, and active characters of all ages. Lately I have been watching a lot of dramas in which men and women my age or slightly younger are taking center stage (and not merely as amusing, cranky, and annoying grandparents in family dramas OR as evil chaebols breaking chairs over the heads of their grandchildren).

It’s Beautiful Now is an example on Viki. Two examples on Net-Flix are Bloodhounds and Designated Survivor: 60 Days.

From Bloodhounds, I bring you a small photo gallery of mature actors who have survived the trials and tribulations of the entertainment business to become not only good actors but great and respected ones. And they are, from my vantage point as a grandmother type still looking for a grandfather type, pretty heart-melty.

(From my post on the FB group Hallyu Discussion for Grown Folk)

Heo Jun Ho is also looking good in Designated Survivor: 60 Days.

I know if you’re under thirty, my “rogue’s gallery” is pretty cringey, but deal with it. Granny’s got a right to drool, too.


No Granny myself, but over half a century’s time - reading your introduction, I thought you would mention some older actors in their 60s or 70s …

So let me add one who is slightly over 60 and I really his acting.

Forgot to add isn’t it the best if a younger and an older actor are paired up?

He was kind of my first Ahjussis loves …

I discovered him a long time ago in the drama What’s up Fox?

Ah, Viki’s picture choice, I sometimes wonder if they want advertise an actor or punish him/her?


Choi Min Soo has an impressive family background. I know I’ve seen him in various dramas. I originally watched Pride and Prejudice on Drama-Fever [another banned word] because of Choi Jin Hyuk. Now i have a reason to re-watch some dramas.

I LOVED The Good Detective, hated The Good Detective 2. The cast chemistry in the second version was not the same.

Good actors of a certain age are so versatile and so funny about the realities of getting older.

There are K-drama hotties who are approaching their more mature years. I am looking forward to seeing them in roles where they focus more on the beauty that comes from the heart and less on the beauty that comes from hair mousse.

I especially think it would be interesting to see how well these gorgeous “classic hotties” handle being evil chaebol grandfathers and grandmothers. There are some current Korean actors and actresses in their sixties, seventies, and eighties who do very well at stuff like that.

(However, for me, the evil chaebol grandfather in Eve was TOO much. The character had to be super bad in order for the FL’s actions to make sense, but the character lacked backstory to explain why he was such a monster.)


I am X generation and Lee Sun Kyun is my crush. I love his Voice.


I guess this links too. . .

:wink: 정호빈 Jeong/Jung Ho Bin :star_struck:
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Yes, indeed, THAT VOICE! I really loved Mr. Lee in Pasta (2010),


사랑하는 장현성동생이 좋은추억이될 사진을 보내 주었네요^^…

My beloved brother Hyunseong Jang sent me a photo that will become a good memory^^…
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