Reverse Cinderella Story?

Hey guys,
I’m looking for a drama that is along the lines of a Cinderella story (poor girl gets with a rich guy) but with the genders reversed. Is there anything floating around there like that? I’m not particularly married to one language type, so I’m casting a large net on this one.

“High Society” is a drama you might be looking for. The lead character played by Uee is a chaebol heiress who disguises herself as a normal person to find herself true love. I haven’t watched it yet, but I heard lots of good reviews about it.


I liked High Society. I hadn’t really thought of it as a reversed Cinderella, but I see your point.

I love anything where the gender roles reversed or turned upside down in some manner. We also need more Bad Girl vs Good Boy. :slight_smile:


Tatta Hitotsu no Koi
Boku to Star no 99 Nichi
The Accidental Couple / That Fool

For more dramatic stuff that also has the poor guy rich girl setup, maybe these?
The Innocent Man
That Winter, the Wind Blows

The “bad boy/rich guy” and “innocent girl/poor girl” thing in dramas is getting a bit too much for me. I need a girl kicking butt and being the dominant one for once.


Yes, I love the regular tropes, but sometimes it’s just so nice and refreshing to see something new. :slight_smile:

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“Ms Temper and Nam Jang Gi” has an unlikeable boss and her employee, although the romance is not the main focus of this drama. It’s about human dignity, and what people are prepared to do or not to do for money.
“A Witch’s Romance” is also about a bossy professional woman and a younger guy who falls for her (Park Seo Yoon, amazing as usual). I really loved that show!
“I do I do” is again, a bossy professional woman, who accidentally becomes pregnant with a jobless young guy. Both are very good dramas which I wholeheartedly recommend, but the focus is not on rich versus poor.


My Fair Lady - The main guy is the main girl’s butler.


To these, I would like to add the current airing one, Doctors, (though I don’t know how it will end) where the girl clearly tells the guy “You can’t tell me who I will be friends with”, referring to her (very much) male friend. That and kickboxing. Perhaps I like the drama so much because it’s breaking a lot of the stereotypes.

I have to admit that I began Ms Temper and abandoned it a while in. Actually pretty far in. It was just… I didn’t personally feel them and lost interest. :S

That sounds pretty awesome!

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Dolce amore is like a reverse Cinderella. But, I’m not sure if you will like a long series since it is a Filipino series is kinda long, but only 30-40mins per episode as of now, it’s still ongoing.

Serena (Liza Soberano) is a young and beautiful Italian woman who was adopted by a rich Italian father and mother when she was an infant. When she found herself stuck in an arranged marriage, she runs away to the Philippines, a country she had been fascinated by since she was little from the stories she heard from her Filipina nanny and the stories that her Penpal friend from the Philippines have been talking about. There, she meets and falls in love with her Penpal friend, Tenten (Enrique Gil), a poor and hardworking adopted boy from Tondo who was forced to take unconventional jobs for his family.

-Trailer 1 with Subtitle
-Trailer 2

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You could watch “Revenge”
Most of the characters are dominate females. Its a story about a girl (main character) who is seeking revenge on these rich people who framed her dad and put him in jail. She creates this whole secret identity and this plot to take down everyone involved. She basically is pulling the strings the whole time and there’s a lot of romance involved (and the men aren’t the “bad” type). She’s rich so there isn’t any rich boy to poor girl nonsense. I really liked it personally and there’s a lot of great twists to the plot.

Looks like someone already suggested Witch’s Romance. I feel like that almost fits the bill, but not quite. This is a good idea for on of our K-Rom books, though. plotting face yeesss. That could be very fun!

My Fair Lady was hard for me to get through, but it does fit your description! Good luck, and I hope you find what you were looking for!



Naked Fireman
That Winter the Wind Blows

Not a lot of rich woman poor guy shows

Couple Fantasy - they carry the story to extremes, because a rich (not happily married) woman, gets “abandoned” by her husband. She experiences a memory loss and finds herself living with the poor guy, since he wants to take revenge on her for not paying his service. So she thinks she is poor herself, but everything around her just doesn’r seem right …She eventually starts to like the simple life, but can’t help her personality that surfaces in restructuring the poor guy’s life, until …

This sounds totally like King Louie in reverse. Except for the revenge part.

@irmar No, it’s older and was inspired by the American movie Overboard with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel from 1987, the K-drama is from 2006.


I don’t know, if the girl is rich enough for you in this drama - Cloud Stairs.

Well, I suppose that the plot is even older than that. All these plots have been recycled again and again since the dawn of times, in novels, theatrical plays, then cinema and TV.
There are certain basic plots used: the Romeo and Juliet plot, the Cinderella plot, the Prince and Pauper plot, the Ugly Duckling (or Makeover) plot, the two people who initially hate each other but later turn into lovers (Pride and Prejudice) plot, … the amnesia plot is here intertwined with the Prince and Pauper plot.

A comic reverse Cinderella plot was a film with Jerry Lewis.

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