Reviews and Comments not visible

What happened to the reviews in the ‘Reviews and Comments’ section? I had thought it was only my reviews that went missing, but the entire review section seems to be having seizures.

I’ve been using the review section to keep track of what I’ve watched and whether or not it’s worth watching again because no matter what I do, Viki will NOT let me create my own collections. Yes, I’ve asked for help and the help I received was to be told to do all the things I’d told them I’d already done…so that’s a dead end.

My reviews always showed up at the top of the list…if a review was there, I’d watched it, if it wasn’t there, I hadn’t. If it was, I knew immediately what I thought of it and if it was worth watching again.

NOW, I never see my reviews, but there will be two or three reviews with the comments section beneath. Before, if I clicked on the numbers under the reviews, I would be taken to the next page of reviews, now if I click a number, the reviews disappear completely and I’m left with just the endless list of comments.

Even on my home page, under reviews, it says I haven’t written any…I have written MANY. I have VIKI plus if that means anything.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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You’re right. I just went to a couple shows I knew I had reviewed, and there is no review section at all on the show page, only the comments. Another day, another Viki glitch, unless they are purposely removing the review section.

Edit: Upon further research, my reviews are missing from my own profile page too! It just says I haven’t written any reviews, which is completely false!

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I sorry that it’s you also! But if it’s all of us then maybe Viki will pay attention and fix it.

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Same. I get this:


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Hi ^^ I believe this is only temporary while they are making changes to the site.

Anyway, I think it perhaps might be better - for those who need it go back to normal faster - to address the issue here: [Viki Community Team] New Profile Page Experience Announcement since Brenda usually answers to such reports on that topic.

By the way: My review and comment section has disappeared too :rofl:

Good luck! :star: :star: :star:

Same to me, I noticed it two days ago maybe, I even saw dramas that don’t show any comment at all (the rates are still shown though, with as many “voters” as before). Sometimes they were still on the drama paga, sometimes not even there, anyway no review at all in my profile.
Yesterday evening (France time), most of my reviews came back in my profile. Maybe they’re finding a solution, little by little?

This happend to me for quite some time! I just wrote a comment today while watching a show! My reviews also got deleted. I think they do that on purpose because I did not give 10 points to all shows that I have watched Recently it is getting worse!

If they keep on doing this, I will not judge any of the shows anymore…looks like Viki is not open minded towards others opinions…maybe if we praise them all the time and the actors they let us be!

Hi there!
Thank you for mentioning this! Our team is aware of this issue and is currently looking into this.

Thank you for your patience!
– Viki Community Team


The same happened to me (+) plus, my watchlist is gone and the error 429. What is happening? LOL😂

I really don’t think that’s the issue: my only comment that still shows up regularly is one where I gave 4/10. And it’s an “on air” drama, with famous cast (for both leads). So… I’m pretty sure it’s a technical issue most of all.

Just in case, as there’s been an answer from “Vikicommunity” here: this morning (in France) many of my reviews had come back (not all, but many), yet tonight only two still show up.
“Bon courage !”

Giving hearts :heart: to a team doesn’t work either. :frowning: