[Viki Community Team] New Profile Page Experience Announcement

Hello everyone!

We’re rolling out a new Viki Profile experience for our Contributor community!

Check out what’s new starting Tuesday, February 13th, 2024 @ 5:30PM PST.

What’s new?

The Contributor and Viewer-only profiles will have a more distinctive look & feel from each other.

Here are some changes for both Contributors and Viewers:

  • Everyone’s profile will now only appear in dark mode.
  • All profiles will have a horizontal navigation bar to easily switch between the different profile sections:
  • The overview section will expand as you create collections, write reviews, follow your favorite dramas and connect with other viki users.

Contributor Profiles

Viewer Profiles

  • Viewer profile pages will no longer display these items:

We hope this cleaner look will help you easily navigate through your own and other Contributors’ Viki profiles.

Viki Community Team


Why do all the Contributor specific pages need to appear only in light mode? As someone, who almost exclusively uses dark mode, everything in light mode is just too bright for me… If we could at least choose how the website is displayed for us, like one can on many other websites.


And still no button to remove us ourselves from CM applications and we can’t still see how many Mod Jobs a volunteer has, who applies when you have to choose Mods as CM??
Or was this the meaning behind the sentence we can filter our profiles by role???


This would have been a nice update to make it easier…


I think the CM only needs to know if the mod can be added to the CM’s project or not. Which is already established.

There are some mods who can handle five (or more) long projects easily. And there are some like me who know three active projects are more than enough for them.


We only know, when we try to add them to the team, it would be great if we can see it beforehand if they have a free slot. Now we can only count on screenshots of the dashboard.


So we can’t message anyone who hasn’t started contributing anymore? Then how can we invite a hesitating newbie? And how can the NSSA tell new students who haven’t contributed before that it’s their turn to start the course?


This is a good thing.

That would only decrease the privacy of the potential moderator. We already have the 3/5-projects restriction. We really don’t need any more :poop: .


A wise moderator wouldn’t even apply without slots.


While that is definitely true, sometimes I do like to take the slots into account if im hesitating between two equally good moderators.


Moderator A: 1 slot
Moderator B: 2 slots

Yet Moderator A’s only project might be a long C-drama that they just started and Moderator B might have 2 movies that are for 94% done. :upside_down_face:

Just pick the good moderators for goodness sake.


This might be a stupid question, but what does this mean? Do we, contributors, need to fill out a form of some sort to “sign up” or does this happen automatically since we’ve been contributing already? I don’t remember filling out a form when I first joined? Maybe I did? I just remember volunteering with a CM and then starting to contribute. Can anyone explain? This line kind of confused me. :joy:


So, the About page, which some of us have painstakingly fine-tuned over the years, will still be there somewhere, or do we have to re-make it?
Because in that one, I have my projects listed in reverse chronological order, latest first. Done, present, future. With links to each project, the date and the exact role (including subber or moderator of which language, or if there is a double role, I have written both. Those things are not possible in the Viki Contributions page, where it doesn’t even list the language!


Which, unfortunately, is the reality of many people. They have a few projects that have not been completed in months, yet they apply to new ones. As of lately, you see them rushing to complete older projects because people have been speaking up about their abuse and how they pick up new dramas because they have “free slots” but don’t bother to complete the ones they already have.

I can see both sides of the argument of being able to see how many active projects.


I’m happy about the light mode, so thank you for that.:heart:

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I’ve got several applications from moderators without free slots.When you tell them, that you couldn’t add them, they are soo surprised “Ooops! I don’t know what happened!” and “I will complete this drama asap, please wait just 2 weeks!”


Sadly, it still has a “Follow” button and it means anyone can track an user. That’s an issue that I believe it should be addressed because users do not have a way to make unwanted people unfollow them, causing discomfort, just as described here: Weird accounts following me.
Since you are at it @vikicommunity, please add that feature and allow viki users to be free of unwanted followers as many other apps do. Thank you.


Could you please specify this more? I mean, right now, there’s already no privacy, as anyone could even read almost every subtitle I wrote, even if I rewrote it x times. And I can already see how many shows someone is moderating, it just takes longer to research. So making it more convenient for CMs would definitely be a plus in my eyes.


Majority of CMs don’t do such a thorough check, however. Because they don’t care.


But I and some/many others care and do a thorough check before choosing (as we’re supposed to).
And maybe the mentioned majority just doesn’t do that because it is so much work.


It’s kind of a difference between an advanced internet user and an average one. If you really wanted to find information, you could. Those who find it’s too much work to investigate themselves can then just focus on empty slots.

In the end, even if you knew all the projects the candidate has as Mod, it will not help you know how many projects the candidate has finished successfully (completed AND significantly contributed to) or abandoned. You still have to investigate if you’re that dedicated, especially to find any abuse.


I understood that it’s only for those who don’t contribute. :thinking: