REWATCH: What Dramas Would You ReWATCH Again


Merci pour les recommandations, je vais certainement les mettre sur ma liste de surveillance


Hello again, I am sure you will enjoy all those Chinese dramas I listed. Just so you know a head of time Chinese dramas are Not short episodes like Koreans dramas, Chinese dramas are story tellers their episodes take you for the long haul, they are not short live. But well worth it, I always take my time with each episodes.


OK, will watch Goblin. I think you will like Mr. Queen – FUNNY and tearjerker. Really like LSG so I have watched all of his dramas and variety shows except for the ones that are not available on Viki due to age. [So plan to watch on YouTube] Have to confess to being totally hooked on Korean dramas and LSG, but also try to watch dramas from other countries. Makes me realize how similar we ALL are!


sorry, but who’s LSG? :sweat_smile:

Goblin is a must-watch, though I thought it’s :roll_eyes: towards the end…have fun!!


Lee Seung-Gi is that who LSG is maybe??? The singer/actor/songwriter!


Ahh yes I remember now :grin: thanks…I thought it was Lee Sung Kyung since K and G are interconvertible in Korean


Mr. Queen is my favorite 2021 drama until now. Its SO GOOD!!!


I have that on my list probably coming up soon! If I can finish the darn other ones I started!


Lee Seung Gi
Sorry about that!
Finished Goblin – a lot of things to think about and I did enjoy it!


Great Doctor, Crash Landing On You


so many!! healer, goblin, kill me heal me, heckle hyde, me , I didn’t do that one right. Great doctor, finished that last month, a korean odessy.
coffee pronce, Black, those legends of type stories, yeah those pheonis ones too, thoes doctor ones, douluo, nopt sure of the spelling, I am rewatching silent crim,inal under the power, and that girls other dramas, fox 1&2 so many to re-watch!!!


wowww you’re really a drama veteran :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


wwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllll, maybe. heheheh:star_struck::heart_eyes:


You liked Hyde, Jeykll, Me! I didn’t it was my 2nd drama before Goblin. I watched it after CLOY. I just didn’t care for it that much. Although HB was handsome as always.


I wqatched it twice, and for me Hated the ending, could have been better. but thats ok too


I will definitely re-watch “I Order You”
Goblin, Her Private Life, Wok of Love, Another Oh Hae Young, Encounter, Suspicious Partner, I Am Not A Robot, Love From the Stars, Meow the Secret Boy, Bride Water God, High Society, My Secret Romance, What Wrong Secretary Kim

It’s REWIND Time
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I rewatched:

But I skip the boring scenes and only watch my favorite ones. :blush:


Gong Yoo was great as General Kim Shin. Why will he not do a saeguk? :disappointed_relieved:


This one I may binge watch on the next few days.


I LOVE that silly show! I’ve watched it maybe 3 times now. :laughing: Boss Ling is just tooo too much but he gets away with it cuz he’s such a cutie!