REWATCH: What Dramas Would You ReWATCH Again


I know what Saeguk means now


True Beauty
It’s Okay To Not Be Okay
Start Up
Love Alarm
Crash Landing On You
School 2017
He Is Psychometric


So I need to watch True Beauty, Finish Tempted (I love Woo Do) and I need to watch It’s Ok and Start Up.
Waiting for Love Alarm 2, it’s coming soon! And she better pick my guy!:heart_eyes:


I want to re-watch all of the series that stand out from the pack of all I’ve seen, and my current #1 is the 2007 bullying drama “Life” from FujiTV. It’s maybe the best drama I’ve ever seen, dramatically, ethically, and philosophically in general. If you’re a fan of the classic “morality-play,” there is a genuine, character-defining moral choice in almost every single scene in this, I kid you not. This fan vid is the closest thing I’ve found to a trailer (best watched with the crap music turned off,) and I really, really wish Viki would add this drama. If you were ever a victim of bullying this series is pure gold, with an excellent, just ending. It’s also one of the most intense dramas I’ve ever seen - “Like ‘Aliens,’ but with scarier monsters”:


  • Another great one is the 2009 FujiTV drama “Voice.” The concept of forensic medicine students solving crimes using clues from dead bodies may sound morbid, but it’s actually an uplifting celebration of reason, kind of like a team-spinoff on Sherlock Holmes. It also has Ishihara Satomi of “Jimi ni Sugoi / Pretty Proofreader” in it.


  • “Joker” starts out with kind of a goofy vibe, but quickly becomes a dead-serious cop-by-day / vigilante-by-night thing with Sakai Masato in the lead role - his squinty inscrutability reminds me of Gary Sinese, like you don’t really know whether he’s smiling or whether he’s going to take your head off. I remember it was excellent, intelligent food-for-thought on the questions of justice vs. revenge on a personal level and justice vs. vigilantism on a legal level, and just great writing in general, so I am definitely going to re-watch it:


  • I saw “Iryu: Team Medical Dragon” on Crunchyroll before C-Roll ran and hid behind 100% Anime, and it’s a drama with a definite re-watch draw. 'Really wish Viki would get this one too (along with ‘Doctor X,’) because like its lack of good cop shows, Viki doesn’t have any good doctor series either and I’d really like to watch this again and introduce a group at Faceplant to it. Sakaguchi Kenji is great as a hero, the surgery scenes are either actual surgical footage or some of the most realistic visual effects I’ve ever seen, and the ethical questions the show raises are more great food-for-thought.

Other faves I’d really like a.) to see again and b.) to introduce non-subscribers to, with the idea of coaxing them to join:

  • Titled “Antiquarian Bookshop Biblia’s Case Files” on Crunchyroll before Crunchyroll caved in - Gouriki Ayame is spectacular in this, and it actually got me to read a couple of new books!


  • Galileo is kind of an instant classic: X-Files-weird cases that a brilliant physicist demonstrates as having perfectly rational explanations; Fukuyama Masahara is great as Yukawa-sensei and Shibasaki Ko has great chemistry with him as his sidekick Utsumi Kaoru - something her successor in Galileo 2 totally lacked:


  • Fukuyama was also excellent in the role of Sakamoto Ryoma in “Ryomaden” - a long series (55 ep?) that is not only an epic drama but a great self-contained history lesson on one of the most important figures in Japanese history, if not world history.


  • “Subete ga F ni Naru” a.k.a. “The Perfect Insider” is a great locked-room mystery series, and since each episode is like a logic puzzle… excellent replay value and I need to see this again ASAP.


  • “35-sai no Koukousei” (“No Dropping Out: Back to School at 35” when it was on Crunchyroll) is another good school bullying drama, though with the caveat that it can’t decide whether to be serious or comedy. Yonekura Ryoko is brilliant in this - a big part of why I’m dying for Viki to add her “Doctor-X” series (which has gone to something like Season 6 so it must be great.)

'Better stop, this is a textwall. But “Dear Viki-Santa,” please add… ^^^


Ashes of Love
Eternal Love -Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms
Love O2O even still because Yang Yang
Her Private Life
Hyde, Jekyll, Me (Guy from Crash Landing gives an awesome performance)
You Are My Destiny with Xing Zhao Lin
Go Go Squid!
All I Want For Love Is You
Dating In The Kitchen
The Love Equations
The World Owes Me A First Love
and there are others but I’m really caught up in The Sword and the Brocade right now and want to get back to it. I’ve already watched all the episodes so far at least twice going on my third time while waiting for the next episodes. So far it is awesome!


I will add some of these to my collections! I think I have some! Thank you!

I did not like Hyde Jekyll Me but I love HB. Yes, he did an awesome job, the storyline was a little cheesy for me but it was an older drama. I should give it another chance I think. Everyone loves Love O2O it is a great premise but I can’t get past the fact that she looks shocked everytime he kisses her and he is doing all the kissing by himself🤩cutie that he is! I want to watch Dating in the Kitchen. Did you see I Order You - My new love Yunho!

Her Private LIfe is one of my all time favorites. Kim Jae Wook! I love him so much!


I haven’t seen that one yet, I’ve been mostly focusing on C-dramas but of the K-dramas I also like Something in the Rain and One Spring Night. I really like Jung Hae In. I have a very high tolerance for cheesy dramas right now and a very low tolerance for violence. We have enough crazy stuff going on right now. Bring on the happy stuff, is how I feel. Although Ashes of Love and Eternal Love had me crying buckets, at least I was happy with the endings. They are both worth the rollercoaster ride. :):smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Have you watched Love is Sweet or My Little Happiness. Those are great C-drama with great cinematography. Prison Playbook my friend loved with Jung Hae In. I’m still mad at him. Something In the Rain upset me after the 2nd breakup it didn’t make sense and I didn’t like the ending! I wrote, UGH in my notebook. I have several C-dramas in a couple of my collections on Viki that I’m so excited to watch.

Lost Romance and Bromance two T-dramas are EXCELLENT.


I think my all-time favorite to re-watch would be Mr. Sunshine. Seriously, give this one a look. It’s a Korean historical drama/romance but is VERY addictive. A slow burn romance but there is also a great bromance between the three main male characters. This is NOT a typical romance story as the male/female leads do not kiss but you get the message that they definitely love and respect each other. Plus, awesome scenery. From the same people who brought you Goblin so you know it’s GOOD!
My second favorite to re-watch would be Goblin. Great romance and funny bromance as well.


You NEVER get a kiss in the whole series! This would drive me crazy. Although I like a very flirty romance and I love bromances! I need at least one KISS…hahaha


Yeah, I was a little disappointed too. But the story-line was soooooo good! Just a note; I think they were trying to keep this pretty true to period which I’m guessing was kind of prudish. Still a darned good series.


I have watched what I could of Love is Sweet for free on YouTube, but the rest is blocked unless I buy it on Amazon or download an ap that I don’t have right now. My Little Happiness I’ve been watching but haven’t finished it yet as I got distracted by other dramas. I will go back and finish it while I’m waiting for more of The Sword and the Brocade, but I’m kind of in the ancient drama zone right now.


I would totally rewatch Its Okay to Not Be Okay, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (mainly because I adore Park Hyungsik), Bring It On Ghost (I love the chemistry between the main leads), and I’ll go to you when the weather is nice (theres just something so comforting about it!)


The way Park Hyun Sik looks at his female leads -swoon-

My rewatch dramas (being absent minded I can’t remember if I already commented or not)
1% of Something
Come and Hug Me
I Remember You (aka Hello Monster)
Master’s Sun
Love Me if you Dare
Splash Splash Love
While you Were Sleeping
Marriage Not Dating

My list goes on, I rewatch a lot, it’s easier on my nervous system. (no throwing laptops :laughing:)


Who doesn’t adore Park Hyung Sik - He got me at Hello in High Society

I LOVE W, I love 1% watched both twice. I need to watch some of the others. While you were sleeping I liked but not a rewatch for me not enough romance


I’ve re-watched
Crash Landing on You (my very first KDrama) - I’ve seen it all the way through 4 times
Goblin - re-watched the entire show twice, with various episodes more times
Touch Your Heart - my all time favorite drama. Loved it so much I bought the DVD. I’ve re-watched the entire series from start to finish six times now, but have rewatched episodes 5, 7, 9, 10, 11 and 15/16 multiple times. It is my go-to drama to wipe away all my troubles and make me laugh out loud! I think I love it so much because (1) LDW and YIN are my favorite couple (next to BinJin); (2) there is no silly love triangle (I hate that); (3) the acting from every character is so spot on and good; and (4) the show is hilarious!


I can see that, for me the romance in that drama is a side benefit, I love the supernatural aspect of it.


Crash Landing I rewatched a lot when I first saw it as it is my 1st kdrama. I saw Parasite first it was my first Korean movie. Goblin is my #1 and I was on the floor sobbing! I love that drama so much.

I did love that aspect and I love LJS but the chemistry for me was not as good as W, I have re-watched W twice now and scenes several.


oh wow I love Touch Your Heart a lot too!! Where do you get your DVDs? I get so scared sometimes that someday I’ll want to watch my favourites and not find them anywhere (tHANKS for that, Viki!):sob:

I’d want to buy the DVDs of I Am Not A Robot, Suspicious Partner, Descendants of The Sun, Goblin, Touch Your Heart, Moonlight Drawn By Clouds, Lost Romance, Dr. Romantic, Oh My Venus and 18 Again…so I guess that’s my total rewatch list :joy::joy::joy: I’d never get bored of those!

Is this one really that good?? i’ve seen so many people recommending it but I thought the first episode was pretty boring…

hope this one ends well, Seven Tan dramas are the only c-dramas I allow myself to watch (other than Well-Intended Love)-- already watched Go Ahead and Under the Power, this one’s on my watchlist!!


According to the weather I like to re-watch certain dramas like:

BIG I like to watch on sunny boring cold days on a Sunday. (The funny parts cheer me up)

W on sunny beautiful spring like weather on Sundays.

Raining dark days I like to watch Kill me/Heal me and Secret Garden (Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin)

Star Up love to watch on weekdays only.

SECRET LOVE with Jisung and HJE any day of the week when I feel I need a great romance story bc the romantic bug ‘‘bit me’’

Those are the ones for me. Does the day/weather affects what dramas you want to re- watch?

Today is a SECRET GARDEN day for me (I re-watched Secret Love recently). Is a dark rainy day today on my side of the world…:frowning: