REWATCH: What Dramas Would You ReWATCH Again


So without even a second thought! What shows are so in your top favorite list that you can watch them again and again.

Guardian the Lonely and Great God #1 for me!

I have ALOT more but let’s see what ya GOT!


Oh, of course Goblin. (I already have)
Fight my way
My girlfriend is a gumiho
Mr Queen
Kill me Heal Me
Eternal Love
King Eternal Monarch

There area ton more! :sunglasses:

Oh yea! How can I forget my favorite, outrageous stalker - Boss Ling!

Well intended love season 2 (season one is on Netflix) It’s hilarious - watch season 1 first.


You REALLY liked the new Mr. Queen? My friend was not sure at first but loved it in the END. I am not a fan of Fight My Way but Kill Me Heal Me and Shin Se Gi definitely. And I LOVE King the Eternal Monarch. I will add some of these to my watchlist. I’m sure they are probably already there!


Oh yea! It was absurd! The Konglish anachronisms and the King’s reactions to them were hilarious!


I have been watching certain dramas over after many years of not watching. They are both Chinese dramas and Koreans dramas.
Chinese drama:

  1. Ruyi’s Royal Love In The Palace
  2. Story of Yanxi Palace
  3. The Legend Of Hao Lan
  4. The Story Of Ming Lan

Korean Drama:

  1. Secret Love
  2. Coffee Prince (The original which I am currently watching now, I am on ep. 3 love Gong Yoo )
  3. Guardian: The Lonely And Great God ( will watch after Coffee prince again )
  4. Money Flower ( Any drama with Jang Hyuk I have already watch over.

I love Asian dramas but my main love is Chinese drama, Korean drama with me depend on the actor and storyline but I do like both. No Korean School dramas sorry I do not like none of them.


COFFEE PRINCE is a CLASSIC!!! LOVE!:blue_heart:

I just started watching Chinese dramas. I am watching My Little Happiness and Love is Sweet. The Cinematography is phenomenal…


If you just started watching Chinese drama check my list out they are great.
When it comes to historical or fantasy or period pieces no one do it better than the Chinese.
Chinese having the oldest Asian history they have a lot to create from their old history to bring to life.:grinning: Enjoy


I added all of those Chinese dramas to my watch list. I am excited about Love and Redemption the costumes are just beautiful and I think I will really like it.


Hi. OK – my top five:
Already watched twice

  1. King Eternal Monarch
  2. A Korean Odyssey [Hwayugi]
  3. Crash Landing …
    Plan to re-watch
  4. Mr. Queen
  5. The King 2 Hearts
    Some episodes of “Little Forest.”
    Also plan to watch Goblin as long as it is not too scary??
    Have a few more I would and will watch again, along with some Chinese ones I also like. Thanks for asking kdrama2020ali


I don’t think Goblin is scary. The villian might be a little scary but the story makes up for that. It was a tear jerker for me! Oh Minho, King the Eternal Monarch! Good Choice. Yes, I have rewatched CLOY. I have not seen Mr. Queen, The King of Hearts, Korean Odyssey or Little Forest! I will add those to my watch list.


King the Eternal Monarch!!! Definitely


I Am Not A Robot!!!! LOVE will rewatch


Two similar threads :grin::


already rewatched this one four times and still not tired :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: my first and one of my all-time favourites


Isn’t he ADORBS! I love this show. THE Confession “hers” had me crying my eyes out!
It is kind of a play on Beauty and the Beast


Je les est vu et revu xD

ceux que voudrais revoir

et pleins d’autre ma liste de drama est beaucoup trop longue xD


I definitely need to watch these. I really want to watch the Mischievous Kiss ones and the Moorim School!


Je te les conseilles vraiment, il sont vraiment très bien ^^ je l’es adore tout les deux :heart_eyes:


Hmm… I hardly rewatch anything, but first and foremost:

  • You who came from the stars
  • Well-intended love
  • What’s wrong with Secretary Kim
  • Intense Love
  • Lost Romance

I think these are the only ones I rewatched/partly rewatched. Not because I don’t like others or even might prefer some, but I don’t feel like watching them again :kissing:


Have been thinking of rewatching I am not a Robot, was kinda funny :smiley: