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Hi Everyone,
If you get a message from someone telling you that bank wants to give you money and needs your information (name, email, phone etc) BEWARE! Please don’t send any personal information to anyone you don’t know. I got such a message so I am just letting everyone know.
It is a scam same as email from your relative asking you to send them money as they are stranded somewhere without phone etc. Always show the message/email to someone and verify the details and check with others before you panic and reply back to the message.

stay safe!


You can also take a look here, it’s other scam stories (message, social media, in the street, phone call…).


I created a post about those scams and all here, yes I looked that guy up, he has stollen the generals has a spot where you can look up these people, so does youtube, and Facebook as well. so be careful be safe! a lot of people helped me a lot with that posting! a lot of things I didn’t realize either. and esp us senior people, yeah I know the younguns too, but seems like we are more gullible

so I cleaned up my post, sorry about that y’all, I didn’t re-read it.

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Yes, I think it’s a good initative to inform, make people aware of what kind of scams they can be confronted to. Prevention and protection!

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If you have an AOL account you can actually do a right click of the unopened email in your box and a pull down menu will show “view message source” and you can actually read the email in html without opening the email, you should be able to see the senders address and back in the days it would show if it was a scam or pishing with code letters… look for ending of an email address like .ru (russia) .de (germany) etc, you can google those endings,
US has mostly .com or .net valid webs are ending with .gov and .org

Unfortunately I haven’t found this feature on google mail and I don’t know other mail boxes who have it. About the scam you mention I think this has been around for probably 10 years… most known were from some states in Africa :wink: If you have a good settings with the spam filter, these mails go automatically into your spam filter also junk mail, like your Apple account or bank account will be closed or loan offers and extended car warranties and other stupid mails some folks might fall into…

Therefore, the sender’s address is important to know, the html format can also tell if the sender was permitted to send this mail… some ITs can probabably decipher even more than me!
SPF = spam filter: for example “fail” or "pishing (P)

also beware of unknown emails with ATTACHMENTS!!
Here an example of junk mail…

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I also got a message from an user telling me that a bank needed my info to give me money. I reported him to Viki and you should do the same if you keep receiving them :frowning:

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I know this is a bit old, but I wanted to share thjis with y’all, my son was curious. so these are responses to the one I have been getting those messages. I really hope this helps someone today. and do your research!!
and p/s just read it, and check the last sentences.
Austin Miller

You and Austin aren’t connected on Facebook

Thu 10:49 AM

You sent Yesterday at 10:49 AM

Sir, please stop corresponding with my mom, you have been creeping her out.

Thu 9:13 PM

sent Yesterday at 9:13 PM

Who is your mom

6:54 AM

You sent Today at 6:54 AM

My mom is Mary Grether

sent Today at 7:01 AM

Are you out of your mind

You sent Today at 7:01 AM

I may have missed something, so please forgive. What do you mean?

sent Today at 7:02 AM

Where is that coming


Austin Miller sent Today at 7:02 AM

What’s the meaning of that???

You sent Today at 7:02 AM

not sure what you mean>

You sent Today at 7:02 AM

I do not understand

You sent Today at 7:03 AM

when was the last time you spoke/messg’d mom?

sent Today at 7:03 AM

I don’t understand

You sent Today at 7:03 AM

You’re not helping by not answering my simple question

sent Today at 7:03 AM

What that nonsense from

You sent Today at 7:04 AM

I suppose I should ask, are you one of them internet trolls or are you an actual person who knows my mom?

sent Today at 7:04 AM

What’s the meaning of such nonsense ,???


You sent Today at 7:05 AM

why do you keep asking the same question, ignoring my response and asking the same question again?

You sent Today at 7:06 AM


You sent Today at 7:06 AM

a simple answer to a simple question and I go away

You sent Today at 7:10 AM

if I have offended you, I apologize

You sent Today at 7:10 AM

just trying to watch out for my mom, I am certain you can understand

You sent Today at 7:17 AM

are you still there?

You sent Today at 7:48 AM

So you will refrain from contacting Mary or Facebook legal will get involved, I am glad we have an understanding!


As you see, not only is this person not for real, but can’t answer questions, can’t really even put together a sentence completely either. This is a classic example of a bot (yes, as in robot) replying and appearing as a person in hopes of time to take info/$ from you.

Or a troll, whose main function is just to mess with you.

Good for you in being able to figure it out that the guy is a joke and to stay away from em, block em and report him. I reported him to FB as well.

Love you


I agree with you.

Thank you for your response.

Thank you for the clarification.


Jack N Leon

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New Scam … you will be contacted with an email saying your order on Amazon can not be shipped. It will then direct you to a link that takes you to a very legit looking ‘Amazon’ page. Here they ask you for your personal information - name address and credit card numbers to complete your order.

This is a very clever and realistic looking SCAM… let me repeat … SCAM.

Please NEVER give anyone your information unless YOU initiated the contact.

If Anyone Contacts You before, during or after a purchase … just Don’t Do It … Don’t give them any info - Ever!

as for the guy in the military, his info was stolen and this other guy uses that info. so y’all me included, please be careful, and especially gullible people like us senior citizens, yeah the younger ones too. just be careful, huh?

3 Likes this may be a big help ,I havent checked it out yet

Best is to not click on any links/buttoms from mail that ‘look similar’ to well-known companies, especially when it is not written in your mother tongue/the language you are using for a certain page like amazon, netflix, etc.

I recently got quite strange mails by ‘amazon’, telling me it is a customer survey for ‘better’ service that only takes 10 minutes.

The whole mail was written in Chinese besides the amazon logo :rofl:


hey good to know!! thanks!

well I was hoodwinked today!so I am into that keto diet, and doing quite well with it, however, an enticing “ad” on face book that chocolate cake looked so good! of course have to watch video to the end, and a lot of recipies for x amount of dollars, and today it was for only a dollar!

awwwwww and later on $28. oo! then another came on, , no catches etc etc etc. ok I was suckered into it, didn’t think it through, so I went to a site I belong to, and they said spam! wow, go figure, yeah paid my dollar , so I had to turn around and cancel my credit card, which is ok, was about to be expired anyway.

oh my goodness!and all I wanted that cake recipe! anyway, my link of people, said spam, delete card, and can get free recipes on Google, and pinterest. so innocent! I thought it was a good thing!

so y’all no matter how innocent something sounds research it first!! p/s all that glitters is not gold. an old saying


Before buying, check what people say about a website you don’t know.
If the price is $1, alarm on!

Did you find the cake?


I don’t think this was a good idea. To give your full name to that stranger.


I agree, and yeah about th cake,BUT had to pay extra for it. the $1.oo rose to 29.00 so I did get out of it. cancelled my card and ordered another one
so google it is the best or pinterest. free is what I like


There are free cook books on the net.
Also on Amazon for $0 or €0:


You can download them and see them in your computer.


the same concept is also for UPS shipment couldn’t be delivered… I get those Scams and Spams only on AOL, but since Verizon bought AOL it’s there likely too… nothing like this I ever get in gmail. AOL used to filter these messages much better in past but today it’s really bad…

Again if you have AOL (don’t know with others) instead of opening the mail you can do right click and a pull down menu will show “view message source” you click on view message source and a new window pop up will show the message in html as I already posted and you’ll see the sender’s address and IP and sometimes it recognizes if it’s a fake message… I posted it in a picture earlier… When in doubt do not open…

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and I am still getting messages from him, no matter how Many times I delete or block him,

yes I did get all those recipes yesterday. haven’t found the cake

here in the USA .99 which is fine, I ordered them. so something different! and thanks piranna

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