SEARCHING for a TE (Translation Editor)


I am searching for a second TE for the Chinese Drama Hot-Blooded Youth.
If you are interested, please PM me =)


I just joined the community and I would love to help. Would it just be editing the English that has already been translated from Chinese? I only speak English.

Hello Katie,

mostly you need to fix the subs, which were made by the Subbers, but you m u s t speak Chinese, because sometimes someone heard another thing or didn´t sub the full segment.
After this you can fill in the right sub, the subs which hasn´t been filled therefore and the GE and Chief trust your work.
So I am sorry, but I need someone who can speak and read Chinese, only English doesn´t help here.

Dear, a TE (translation editor) is not just editing subtitles. Translation editor has to make sure the translations are correct, fill in empty segments, must be 100% Chinese fluent as well as read and write Chinese.

A GE (general editor) is the editor who fixes English grammar, spelling, and syntax. And English native is preferred but not always necessary if you can prove you can read and write English at a native level.

Search is still open.
I really need a TE =)

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