Searching for seggers and translators


I’m a channel manager of two hindi tv shows. I’m looking for every french, english, german, spanish etc translators and I’m also searching for seggers. IF you are interested in, please feel free to message me to this link

Here are the links of my two shows: one is a movie and the second is a series.

Waiting for you reply,


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I can help segment the movie.

2nd link is broken.

I update another link, check it if it’s work or not

it is working now.

OK I’ll you in my team.

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I can help you with the translation English-Spanish :smile:

For the movie or the drama ?

With both, it is okay for you

I’ll add you.

i can translate to english

cool , you have jamai raja… watch it everday :smile:

I can translate from English to Italian and from English to Greek.

cool, I’ll add u in my team. Can u just send me a private msg via the following link :

Hey there :smiley: I’d love to translate into german if you need me

I can help with the drama

If you are still interested in to translate my video send me a mail via my profile. I’ll add you.