Seg/Subbers, Mods for TW-dramas FALLING, BOYS CAN FLY, & PATISSERIE W/ NO NAME

Hey guys~

Looking for some help on two three Taiwanese channels. All fan channels and the shows have finished airing, so we won’t be working on a weekly schedule. It’s just whenever you have time to help out. (I’ll be adding all episodes in the next few days.)

Moderators should have some prior experience either segmenting or translating.
I don’t mind if segmenters and/or translators are new to contributing; I’m glad to help you get started ^^

  1. Falling - After a big fight with her parents about marriage, Liu Li Ping moves out to live on her own and meets the sexually liberated Ji Er, who lives next door to her new apartment. […] As Li Ping traverses this new landscape of love and sex, she begins to re-exam her own values.

  2. Boys Can Fly - Both known for their fierce fighting skill and volatile temper, Xia Jun Xiang and Cai Ming Yao’s rivalry came to a head in prison. Instead of a bloody confrontation, a drum instructor redirected their aggression toward playing drums. The bond they formed while performing together was put to a test soon after they left the structured prison: Unemployment, temptations of their old lives, and love for the same woman awaits them outside.

  3. Patisserie With No Name - There is a small patisserie in an alley that has no name, no menu, and a temperamental pastry chef who only makes 3 types of desserts a day. When a backpacker stumbled into the little shop and insisted on staying to be her assistant, the atmosphere inside the shop changes for the better.

Please leave a comment here if you’d like to help. Include which show (or both) and what position you’d like to help on. I’ll message you about it.


i’m interested in segmenting both of the shows.

Can I be a portuguese moderator for both?


Woah, long hiatus there… But I have decently more time on my hands now ^^ Going to try to split and upload videos today.

Added a third show. Anyone else interested in helping out?
Or if you just want to stop by and support us a bit, that’s cool too P:
Alrighty, off to work!

I can help with Italian subs for Falling and Patisserie With No Name ^^