✂️ Seggers... understanding the timing complexities of A&C (Part 1)

If there are any seggers out there who would like some additional insight into the concept of “well timed” and all its implications from an A&C perspective, this Google presentation that I’ve put together may help.

To get the proverbial “show on the road” :performing_arts:, click on the “Slideshow” option on the upper right of the cover page.


I hope it’s useful :slight_smile:

P.S. I’ve now completed Part 2 of “Well-Timed Segments”


I’m impressed how much time and effort all you old segmenters put on us who wants to learn or become god at segmenting.


I would like to watch this, but it’s not working for me.
I’ll try later on with my laptop ._.

Edit: well done :white_check_mark::+1:
Great effort for newbies to get better and improve


@manganese Great job except I would change "9. If it is impossible to find a timing that works well create a new segment and delete the old one. Copy any subtitles into the new segment " to
“9: If it is impossible to find a timing that works well, copy any subtitle already in the existing segment, delete the old one and create a new segment. Paste the saved subtitle into the new segment.”
My major fear about allowing novice segmenters to do A & C work is the loss of existing subtitles. This presumes there are ONLY English subtitles so copying and pasting one subtitle is easy.


Thank you for having a look through the presentation. I sincerely appreciate it. I completely agree with you. In trying to be economical with my words, I’ve definitely not given enough information. I’ll go and update it now. Thanks again.