✂ Thoughts on being a Chief Segmenter

These days, there seems to be more shows arriving on Viki than there are segmenters to work on them.

I have put together this Googledoc for anyone who might be interested in being a Chief Segmenter (CS), and who would like to have some thoughts on how to approach the role. (If you have been heavily involved with “adjust-only” projects, it is not a big step to become a CS for these projects.)

  • The index at the start of the document is hyperlinked.
  • The Summary section outlines the process that I have settled into.
  • The Background Understanding section explains my various quality-checking strategies more fully.

I have no plans what so ever to become a CS at this time, but I still think your “series on segmenting” are interesting, and I think it’s fantastic that you have put so much time and effort on making them.


Thanks, Maria :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thanks, Noel. At least this year, a few more segmenters have taken the step to become a CS and we still have the NSSA regularly providing us with a new batch of segmenters. But it’s true that a lot of people need some encouragement.

Someday, I will apply to be in your segmenting team. :crystal_ball:


Thank you, Noel, your guides are always so well curated.
In my experience a great way to start is to co-CS with an experienced CS. If it wasn’t for Chloé guiding me as co-CS in my 1st project, I don’t think I would have went for it on my own. I think QC isn’t that different from A&C, but it’s nice to have someone help you recruit a team, show you how they organize their QC spreadsheet, and always ready to reply to any doubt you might have.


Thank you, Baepsae :slight_smile: I totally agree. Working with a co-CS is a really good way to start. Chloé is very generous with her time. She’s helped a lot of people grow into various segging roles.

Hi Mirjam. :smiley: Hopefully this document will help people realise that being a CS isn’t so hard. Who knows, maybe it will encourage somebody to take the plunge!


Well explained
Thanks for making everything so easy to understand for us segmenters


For me, it was that movie that no one else seemed to want to QC. I did think of becoming a CS at some point, but that sped up the process a whole lot. I was on my own, without segmenters or co-CS, but in a way, it was good cause I had to pay attention and solve each issue on my own so I learned a lot. And because it was not a popular show, I wasn’t under too much time pressure. One thing led to another and I got into more shows as CS, mostly with segmenters and occasionally also with a co-CS. Having a co-CS can be great at any stage, to divide the work, have someone to discuss issues with and overall, because it’s more cozy. :wink:
A&C is great training for aspiring CSs.

I’m sure it will encourage a few more segmenters to dive into it. :slight_smile:


That’s a great doc, Noel! :wave: Very professional. I think it is good for any experience level in segmenting, not just for the Chief Segmenter role.


Hi Cindy,
Thank you for having a look. I really appreciate it :hugs: