SEGMENTERS for Zorro, The Sword And The Rose!

Hey, I have restarted the channel which was active 2 years ago, and I’m now looking for segmenters ! Please contact me if you’re interested, there’s a lot of work to do and I would really appreciate it! :heart:

I’m Here ! I can help you with that :relaxed:


Thank you! I can add you as a segmenter to the Zorro channel, from the middle of episode 12 onwards there’s segmenting to do… I’m adding episodes currently (there are 122 in total!) So please let me know when you’ve finished a certain part so I can let the subtitlers know.

Thank you!! :heart:

I can also help sporadically.

I can do segments!

Great! I’ll add you to the team :slight_smile:


Currently recording the full series in 1080p with Spanish srts (Re-Airing right now), I can translate to English but need proof readers and correctors, we can release the translated episodes outside of viki. Please if anyone interested contact me on

Zorro, The Sword And The Rose!

I can help you with that :grinning: