Segmenter's [unofficial] welcome package

Just a compilation of user/community resources
that you might find helpful as a new segmenter.

What is segmenting?

It’s the first step in creating subtitles here on Viki.
Segmenting, or timing, is the process where we "map out"
when dialogue starts (i.e. when the subtitles
will appear on screen) and for how long it lasts.

Segmenting is a great way to contribute to the site
without having to know multiple languages.

How to get started.

If you’re very new to this, you may want to check out
Viki U’s Intro to Segmenting video which goes over
the basics to segmenting and also starts you off
with some of the shortcuts that will make segmenting easier.

Also check out the tutorial videos on the Official Viki Channel.

Finding projects.

Any and every channel will need segmenters. Many will prefer
contributors with more experience (especially popular shows),
but there are also many that are willing to let you help and practice
on their channels.

You might also consider practicing a bit on music channels,
as they generally do not have a set team and the videos are shorter.

Of course, feel free to browse for other shows/movies
you’d like to help with. Just be sure to message the manager
and/or moderator to gain permission to work on the channel

before you do so :slight_smile:

PS. It’s still in the works, but check out our Segmenter’s
Project Board
for some projects that could use some help!

Community segmenting project.

If you think you’d benefit from studying segmenting from a
more experienced segmenter, with one-on-one tutelage,
you might consider checking out the Segmenter 101 Project
or the Seg101 Express Project

User AmyPun also has a very comprehensive and detailed
guide to segmenting you may want to read a bit through,
in particular if the Seg101 projects don’t have space
and you’d still like some more insight to segmenting.

Closing thoughts.

Segmenting isn’t really a difficult thing, and good segmenting
just takes practice. You’ll eventually develop your own style
for how you like to segment and what works best for you.
This stuff is just to get you started.

My last points about segmenting are 1. Ask before helping;
2. Be polite and considerate to eveyone; 3. If you’re going to segment,
do a good job.

If you have anything you think I should add/modify,
please leave a comment of message me about it. Cheers ^^~


aww scircus the drawing /picture on the unofficial welcome package poster is super cute…the girl looks like a cross between a human and cute pig( yes my comment sounds weird…i know)

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