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heres one for the “BOOKS”

After many years and experience in the working world, I’ve decided to start something new again.

I will be offering training courses for teenagers starting in December.

Due to increasing demand, each course starts on the principle: first come, first served.

Content: Coaching and practical tasks.

Each module will be run over 6 weeks.

The course is aimed at all young people.

The course starts Dec 2023

Participation via Zoom or Teams is possible - please list your preference when booking.

Module 1:

“Toilet paper”

How does the paper get out of the wrapper to the toilet paper holder? What happens when toilet paper is empty?

Group discussion + practical exercises

Module 2:

“Dirty clothes” - what do we do next?

Difference between the laundry basket and floor.

PowerPoint Presentation + Chart.

Module 3:

“Basics of dishwasher”

How do dishes get off the table into the dishwasher?

In-depth Seminar -

Difficulties and solution strategies for removing dishes and garbage from the bedroom.

Module 4:

“How do you find stuff without asking your parents?”

Open discussion/opening cabinets.

Module 5:

How do the clean dishes get back into the right place in the kitchen cabinet?

Video example + practical exercises.

Module 6:

“Sink function + the roll out”

We do practical exercises; what a clean table means and what is needed to drain a sink.

Practical exercises in groups.


Feel free to copy… don’t share - so others can have a good laugh ![:partying_face:




Richard Upchurch

In guess it was probably close to 30 years ago I represented my church as the lay representative for a large denominations annual conference. The keynote speaker was an American church pastor born and raised in Korea.

As I recall the message was very inspiring though I don’t remember all of the details except his closing statement.

He said something like this…

Just over 100 years ago the Christian faith was planted by American missionaries in Korea in a culture that accepted no outside points of view. Now just over 100 years later there are over 10 million Christians in Korea.

In the Korean church there is a worship service every morning at sunrise; every Wednesday night; every Friday night and a Sunday morning and evening service. A Korean pastor preaches over 500 sermons every year.

Then he said;

Do you know why we do this ?

He paused and looked around the room where there were about 2500 people.

Everyone was waiting for the answer.

He then said;

We do this because you taught us to do this !

I’ve never heard a room so silent in all of my life with 5 people never mind 2500 people !!

The Spirit moved in silence !!!

Richard Upchurch]-R

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I wished such course would have been earlier available. This could have helped my kids tremendously… my yelling didn’t help at all :rofl:

Very funny @frustratedwriter!

I just hope there will be payback time when my kids will experience the same thing with their kids :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Poor Santa!


A lovely tour of a part of London.


whoever is celebrating Than ksgiving, have a great one and safe travels too


Happy Thanksgiving to anyone celebrating!

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Where are they running, LOL!


Hope your gathering and tasting experience is above this one, LOL :joy:


Test this out. :wink:


My favourite one - Too much caffeine
I swear it’s not an animated .gif file!

You can ‘stop’ one of those tentacle things by putting a finger on the picture, but it doesn’t stop the others from moving! :face_with_spiral_eyes:


It’s not even moving for me tho’! Not at all. Do I need to think it’s moving, and it will?

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Hmmm, maybe too small to work on a phone. I view it on a laptop or desktop monitor, it even works on my monitor when the picture is only the dimensions of a big iPhone.
Not sure what causes it, but the smaller tentacles don’t move, probably the bands are getting too small to mess with your eyes so even the bigger bands are then too small on a phone screen. :thinking:

(when I was adding the arrows in the photo editing software they were moving. :dizzy_face::rofl:)
The effect is like a film of oil on water and they drift/swirl forward ‘into’ the picture.
Staring at the black Mandelbrot in the middle lessens the effect than looking around the picture.

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It works only when I focus on something else on the screen, i.e as I was reading the words above the picture, it seemed to be moving in the periphery. But it stopped as soon as I focused on the image itself(I’m using a laptop)



I feel for you, hahahaha! :face_with_spiral_eyes: But! It’s still not budging for me. :pray:t5: Please don’t look :rofl: at it anymore though! :laughing::joy::sweat_smile:

I tried @vivi_1485’s method too, annnnd nothing!

Now on a different focus @ninjas_with_onions. :wink: @vivi_1485, @padmalayag, have you heard of this talented dancer? Her latest shorts is your country’s dance moves. How does she do? :blush:

Go fullscreen mode, it’s better for viewing.

This made me smile, that there are people that helps others.


I’ll make sure to go after watching here, to give
the channel a thumbs up! :+1:t5: Plus, I watch these type of channels all the time. There are several on the many platforms.


I somtimes need to see things like this, it helps me when I have a somewhat bad day… And if I find something nice I have to share, so if you know more please feel free to share. :heart:


Oh! Whaow! And, here I was thinking, :thought_balloon: don’t over share :thought_balloon: :joy:
Okay, these are folks who do the same type of thing. They, including your share, often record live, and they are lengthy. The video you shared was an edited post from the live. They hit over 7 million on the post, previously edited. Anyhow, I subscribed. :grin: Their subscription count is still low. :wink: