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I don’t think I can leave this one!!!



I think the Chocolate is Melting! :fire: :fire_engine: :fire_extinguisher:


This is a terrible segue after getting a serving of chocolate abs, but wonder of wonders, a super skinny (almost unhealthy) FL just said she was on a diet, and ML basically says, ‘why on earth would you need to lose weight? Here, have a ton of food to eat.’ How refreshing.

p.s. See how long my ‘fast’ from my dramas lasted? :rofl::rofl:


Yes - All our Favorite Idols need to be listening - EAT EAT EAT


Also wonder of wonders, the aforementioned FL is the poor, down-on-her-luck FL, but she is not dressed in sack-like clothes, and she styles her hair and even sometimes wears lip gloss. It’s amazing!


What are you watching do tell??


It’s called ‘Gank Your Heart’ (which is quite possibly the worst title I’ve come across). It’s on IQIYI.

FYI - it takes place in the E-sports world, and my hubby assures me that ‘gank’ is a term often used in video gaming… I just looked it up on urban dictionary, and this is what is says: To steal or take something that does not belong to you, so I guess it fits, it just sounds weird.

Is it real or a drama thing

Try this, just jump in and you’ll be wisked away!


I definitely think that is a drama I could enjoy, but it appears to have a helping of ‘imperial struggle’ and ‘battles on many fronts’, which is something I’m struggling with right now, so this one may have to wait. It will go on my watch list, though. BTW, I love the name of the subtitling team for that one: Shrek Devils. That one might have to go in the ‘best team name’ thread if it’s not there already.


Put it in the favorite subtitling names - I don’t think it is there


I did a search and nothing came up, so I will add it.


Amino Apps
Well he is just stunning here! Henry -

I swear this song makes me so happy - I listen to it in my car all the time.
He is such a phenomenal talent - I loved him in Oh My Venus - He was so FUNNY


Huh! :pleading_face: You don’t trust my judgement.

And I was trying to cheer you up


I’m sorry!

I appreciate your efforts. I really do.


And ENTER - another of @kdrama2020ali tropes!

Two GORGEOUS Men Fighting over the same GIRL!!!
One a Prince the other a Constable! What shall we do!

The wrist grab - the carry her in your arms - or throw her over your shoulder


:smirk: The hotties got you happy uh? :smirk:


How can they not? I’m shallow like that sometimes.


Oh good one!!! :arrow_down:

Is that like Insta-oatmeal


How perfect is that gif? :joy: If only we knew who made it. Maybe someone lurking in the cafe…


He was a riot, :rofl:


He was - that is where I found him and then realized he was so talented! I ordered several of his CDs after that - I love him - I want him to do more COMEDY! And he spoke ENGLISH which I loved