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All I can say is Oops! :scream: :rofl:

She changed clothes in front of the eunuch, not knowing he was the emperor

Oh! I thought he looked familiar! NOW I recognize him! He’s the Eunuch, Qiu Shi Liang, in Stand By Me!


This will bring tears to your eyes! Animals AMAZE me!!!


'm sure many have seen my post in another Dragon group. But for those that haven’t, this is a dragon I made 6 years ago. This is the unpainted albino version. If you zoom you will see the butterflies from my daughter’s bed sheets on the wings. I shouldn’t of painted him and should of never sold it. Many asked how I made it, so here’s a link to another dragon I made and posted here before. I think I will redo this butterfly dragon and make a video of the process. [](



You are crazy good! That is so COOL! :heart:


WOW! It looks amazing! You’re so so talented! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I want a dragon, too!


@kdrama2020ali @porkypine90_261 was I talking Canadian vs American accents with someone? Wow, I can’t remember. Anyway while surfing through Utube my youngest and I found this interesting video on pronunciation.

This was part 1 on what the countries call certain things.


One of my co-workers was from Norwich, England, via Australia. (At least I think it was Norwich) Anyway, she always ‘corrected’ us Americans, saying, “You do NOT speak English.” Emphasis on the NOT. :rofl: sucha snob… lol

We always responded, “Of course not! We’re (a)Mericins.” :upside_down_face: :sunglasses: :laughing:

contraction of American (often used humorously to suggest either a sarcastic or patriotic sentiment):
It’s easy to get lured into the ’Merican appetite for more, more, more.
I’m gonna get me some real ’Merican food.
contraction of American (often used humorously to suggest either a sarcastic or patriotic sentiment):
By Thursday, we’d had quite enough of these ’Mericans.
Most of the guests in this hotel are ’Mericans, just like us.


I wonder if it’s a Canadian thing to call the USA ‘the States’

It may not be the Queen’s English but it’s certainly English, if it isn’t what language is it? lol


@table122000 since we talk quite a bit about the sad/bad things of kpop, I just wanted to share this… do you know the talk show MMTG? I love it so much. JaeJae is, IMO, the absolute BEST MC I have ever watched. I watch her videos like I’m binging dramas :sweat_smile:

The best thing about her is how comfortable and at-home she makes her guests feel. These artists have said it themselves multiple times— JaeJae makes them comfortable enough to laugh, talk and do whatever they want. “JaeJae is really different.” And the happiness and laughter reaches out from the screen to touch my heart, too. I love how most artists are very surprised whenever they come on her show for the first time… there’s next to no pressure on them to be or act a certain way. Even the members themselves are surprised when a normally shy member starts acting up and talking like he’s with an old friend. You can see them put in their whole heart and soul to match her energy.

She talks about their history, their music, their careers, more than making things embarrassing for them. I actually learn more about the groups she invites. She REALLY does her homework, digging up every important detail of the group, memorizing songs and choreographies… she really does it all. It’s like she walks her guests down Memory Lane of their own history. Her comedy is clean. She’s so full of life and funny. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I really, really appreciate her for the respectful, kind way she treats them. You will hear her say “If you’re uncomfortable, you don’t need to do it.” a lot in each video. The guests are never forced to do anything.

NCT really love coming on her show… they come every time they have a comeback, to the point where she’s basically adopted them :joy: You can see they really love her unending energy. Seungkwan from Seventeen also loves bringing new sets of members on her show every time (she doesn’t have much staff so she can’t host more than six-eight members at once) and telling them about how much fun she is.

You’ll also notice how she makes sure even the most shy member feels comfortable enough to talk and share his/her views. She somehow finds a way to interact with them and draw them out.

I seriously, seriously love her… I could go on praising her and adding links to all her videos forever :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I follow Happy Jae Jae since 2 pm was on there and Junho was on there several times! :sunny:



Wooyoung 2pm just played this in his LIVE - aw love it! I love when he DJs

Music for the Cafe



I love the PLOYS! You know she really wanted him to lick the ice cream from her lips!!!
Did he??? I seriously love this guy! Did you know??? :laughing:

Adding this to my Ploys ABOVE! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Another good one!


English is debateable since I switch languages mid-sentence frequently.


I’ve actually heard people from several countries call it ‘the States’, so I don’t think it’s exclusive to Canada.


Nah we call it the States too.


I’ve never called it ‘The States’. How interesting.


@porkypine90_261, @my_happy_place, it’s probably the same video, because it was Asian Boss

I found a list of French-English loan words, some of these I had no idea they came from French words
99 French words we use in English all the time – Busuu Blog


Me neither only people overseas do that RIGHT?

We had no Barista Today! Was service bad? ahahahahahahahah!


some of us spent most of the day with sweet cheeks so we didn’t miss one.


Fascinating video! I was surprised that most of them think their language will slowly disappear. Kind of sad.