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Pink elephants are even better! (Then the question becomes, :smirk: “Just what did you put in that tea, Mary?”) :rofl: :rofl: :rofl::rofl: :rofl::rofl: :rofl::rofl: :rofl::rofl: :rofl::rofl:




Love this video. The quality is TERRIBLE(it’s a video a guest took at a wedding where EXO were singing). I love how EXO’s voice quality still remains so, so good!


How cool is that?


I guess I better check the tea!!!:rofl::rofl::blush:


YES!! I thought elephants brought a person good luck, those pink elephants on parade, was sooooo funny!


ok y’all show your honeys ,oppas etc, well "in my time gone past here is one of MY heart throbs

almost 90 and going into space next week wow go figure!!

oh and btw I am not knocking the young guys , my adopted sons and all, so don’t get me wrong there, I just wanted to show off one of mine

heres another

and if you don’t know, he is called The Duke, John Wayne

well what about the older “Asian” guys from years past??

what about James Darren

oh yeah right you have never heard of him? time travel of course was one… you know me and sci fi!!


Off to the gym - I am thinking very heavily about our barista today :thinking:


My 2pm is one of the Kpop 2nd Generation Groups of ALL Time! Good Article

Here is our Barista for TODAY:heartpulse:




amino apps

amino apps

IKON - JinHwan - Our Barista Today

New Trope - The Lip Bite!!! :lips:


Pink elephants make me think of Delirium beer :laughing:



OMG!~! I haven’t seen that in DECADES! Since I was a KID!


One of my iKON hotties!

It’s an Obsession

@frustratedwriter thanks for bringing your hotties to the cafe. They are icons themselves. (ha, nice coincidence with the barista today)


I almost posted their leader who is no longer with them due to a scandal - he is a hottie! I’m sad when those things happen. But this guy is so cute!!! I need to listen to their music.:hear_no_evil:

and of course I did that for you


I appreciate that! :sparkling_heart::heart_eyes:


well thank you!!!

yeah that thing about scandels, do they just put up stuff before they know all, I mean all of the details?

really a shame someone goes to all that trouble to destroy a persons career, and some probably weren’t true, now some that I have read is questionable, but , some just starting out and this happens, really breaks my heart to see these young folks ,yeah lets say, mess up!! guess need to pray more for them


I will have to find out whats in the tea itself, ! but it was sooo good and refreshing.

as for the dancing elephants, its been a very long time since I have watched them too!


I can’t believe Captain Kirk is actually going to space! So cool.

This particular scandal happens to be true - he admitted to it, but it’s frustrating because, from what I know, they know who sold him the drugs, but that person is not really in trouble.


p/s I rewatched our dancing elephants, a laugh for the day!!!


Uh… Iasn’t James Darren Italian?


well I could say no, but honestly not sure, don’t think I ever heard if he was or not

Darren was born in the Lower Moyamensing neighborhood of Philadelphia, on June 8, 1936, and is of Italian descent.

He wanted to be an actor and studied in New York City with Stella Adler for a number of years. He would also occasionally sing although he later said “I wasn’t really a singer. I was a kid in Philly whose dad would take him to bars and nightclubs and I would get up and sing two songs.”[1

nows how cool is that ,I learned something!!