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It’s been a long time since I have watched a drama that motivated me to re-watch it immediately and add it to my re-watch collection, and it’s been even longer since I found an OTP (one true pairing) that was worthy of being added to my ‘precious cupcake angel baby’ OTPs of OTPs collection, but @kdrama2020ali and I have watched two such dramas in the last week. It’s been a good drama-watching week after a lot of mediocre. (especially if I count my ongoing Hometown C3, which I am also living for)




Holy cow, what is wrong with people? We have talked about sasaeng fans with Kpop idols, but this kind of stuff also happens: People trying to enter the homes of people who happened to rent their houses out to a production crew for filming, in this case ‘Hometown Cha Cha Cha’.

“Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” Producers Beg Viewers To Stop Visiting The Houses Where Drama Was Filmed | Soompi


I know! People do not understand FICTIONAL drama.

This row of houses was the opening image on a show 30 years ago. ??? Full House?? People STILL try to barge in.


I feel so bad for the owners and this definitely makes it more difficult for PD’s too rent houses in the future. I wouldn’t want to rent out my house for this sort of stuff if I knew that I’d be uncomfortable (or even have to move like Lee Hyori) for the months after the drama, especially if I really like my house :neutral_face:


that is awful!! why would anyone want to invade people’s homes like that?? ignorant? stupid? what?
yeah I feel bad for those owners. goodness!!


Well something fun with Kim Seon Ho! He is so cute! I just wanna hug him!


It’s a MyungSoonie Morning! :blush:


You need to join us on our Discord chat! It is kind of fun to be able to chat there!


Some potentially good news for fans of Kang Tae Oh such as myself. In a happy coincidence, the character’s name is Lee Jun Ho. :blush:

Kang Tae Oh In Talks Along With Park Eun Bin For New Drama | Soompi


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Welcome GOT7 - Park JinYoung - Barista Extraordinaire


Just like with any idol actor, I met JinYoung as an actor first and then was introduced to GOT7 because I liked him so much as an actor. Turns out I’m a big fan of GOT7 too.

Welcome to the cafe, JinYoung.


I met Jackson Wang and found Got7 - I love him and love Got 7
What drama is JinYoung in - Devil Judge?


Yes, though I haven’t seen that one. I first met him in ‘He is Psychometric’ in which he is really good.


Ok I am watching that NEXT! Oh Yummy!


Jin Young also have supporting role in Legend of the Blue Sea. He got lot of buzz for his performance there.I think it help him get lead role for Psychometric.


I feel bad for the homeowners.It’s difficult enough to deal with people walking/driving past, but actually breaking and entering! OMG! Hopefully they got a good rental fee from the producers.


Hey! Sounds like fun. Could you pm me the details?


I did in one of the PM threads we had! Come on and join it is fun! I like being able to chat more!


After many months there is finally some movement on the Thai adaptation of Boys Over Flowers/Meteor Garden. The ML recently posted on his social media that they had resumed filming after COVID delay and the cast were on the cover of September 2021 issue of Mint Magazine. Hopefully the drama will be out by the end of 2021. I’ve been waiting for this drama ever since it was announced in 2019. The trailer looks awesome and the entire cast is gorgeous! (And I mean the Entire cast…male & female, young and old) The actresses playing ML mother and sister are both former beauty queens, so the visuals are no joke in this drama. I hope that the drama will be picked up by Viki or Netflix so that international fans will be able to see it easily. I requested it already.