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Just when I thought I couldn’t love this guy any more than I do, I find this gem on YouTube!
Gong Yoo!!! He’s got a beautiful voice!



Yep - He is a sweetheart - Why has he been so quiet lately! I hate that he hates social media - then I don’t know what he is doing -

These two! I love them so much! So hard to chose between them!


Found this video clip on YT in the recommend area when I was looking at some MMTG episodes. It’s hilarious! I wonder if they do similar skits for other groups?

The MMTG show is very cute. I like the MC JaeJae-she is so full of energy and enthusiasm, so she makes you interested too. I watched her interview with the cast of Space Sweepers movie and Kim Tae Ri was already a big JaeJae fan. I notice JJ tones it down a little bit for the actors, but she is still enthusiastic.

Here is her interview with Gong Yoo: with English subs:

It’s Official! Filming has begun on Park Hyung Sik historical drama based on novel The Golden Hairpin. Not familiar with the actress who playing the FL. I hope she is good performer. Also hope that the script is good quality as I am not really a fan of the script writer. Really praying that she will up her game for this drama.






Song Joong Ki - Our Barista Today -
Someday I’ll finish DOTS - but a man in uniform - WHOOSH!


@kdrama2020ali He’s awesome in He Is Psychometric. There are some scenes that were really epic. I remember one scene where he felt dizzy because of the intense information overload(he has superpowers) and wow I felt as dizzy and overloaded as he did! He completely immersed me in the drama.

He’s one of those actors who doesn’t even need his idol status or looks to impress people with his acting. Just like our favorite penguin, Do Kyungsoo :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

That’s the coolest thing about her… she matches her energy with the guests she has. If her guest is 30, she’s 30. If her guests are 20-year-olds, she’s a 20-year-old, too. She never ever makes anyone uncomfortable and I love her. Glad you like her, too!


An Idol that does not need Idol Status to Impress - because he is that GOOD - and My
Emperor PenPen :penguin:


Ahh yes. How could I forget?!
He’s a penguin in the 2PM fandom, too? What a coincidence!:joy:


And also a Fox :fox_face: and a :peach: and :penguin:

Yes - 2pm he is Emperor Pen Pen


Our Park Hyung Sikkie is BACK! I hope VIKI gets it soon! Happiness!


something Hallowweennee

Made out of large black garbage bags. Hats from Party city. Love the leaves for the fire… Very clever! Great job❣️

Credits: Karen Schroeder-Gucwa

black kitties to go along with them

what about sharing this here anyway

you ready??



I love me some Bromance!


@kdrama2020ali We get to see our boy with a bow and arrow! :fire:

2PM’s Junho Talks About His Chemistry With Lee Se Young And Lee Deok Hwa In “The Red Sleeve Cuff” | Soompi


I posted that in my Instagram this morning! :wink:



Currently watching Bo Gummy on NF in Record of Youth. He is such a cutie pie and when he cries, it breaks my heart; big tears running down his cheeks. He is really close to his grandpa in this drama. It is so sweet to see how much they love each other. So far, I’m loving it. Looking forward to his discharge from military service.


Yep - I say this a lot about him - When I watched him in Encounter - I said “I Feel the Feels” if he cries - I cry! This is happening a lot lately with my MLs


Ok as our Baby Bird :bird: computer system is now down for maintenance! Feel free to have anything yummy in the Segue Café that you like - Tell me your order and I’ll find a cutie barista in a little while to bring it to you.


A while back, I asked a question about how veteran Kpop people go about viewing videos of their favorite groups and biases. Now that I found my true Kpop obsession, I have my own answer - it’s nearly impossible to watch any of their videos and not watch my bias, even if I try to do otherwise. My eyes always go back to my guy. Every time.


Yep - Yep and Yep - Unless you have two you love in the same group!
ATEEZ - Sannie and YeoSang but Sannie usually wins out!
Same with Kai and D.O. That one is really hard
Just watch the FanCams!

Oh LORD He does this on purpose! And that song is just…hello


Yup, it’s pretty quiet here today at the University and for the next two weeks. Enjoy a beverage and a snack at the Cafe on me. :wink:


Well since we are talking FAN CAMS - Ateez - San - Sannie - My Sans
Fireworks! @my_happy_place

Death by SANNIE!