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Kai needs to stop before I hurt myself.


Add Sannie in there and






Astro - Cha Eun Woo - Barista Extraordinaire :bird:
and he is hanging in the hot tub on the patio


handsome actors

image James Dean

Paul Newman

steve Mcqueen image

James Stewart

Brad Pitt

Just a few I will share
now for our Korean actors, we know thers a bunch
Nam Joo Hyuk
Park Bo Gum
Ji Chang Wook
Lee Joon-gi

Park Hae Jin

Gong Yoo

and I found so many others i
yeah guess I am looking for the older mature ones as well


ㅣㅐㅣ ㅅ혿 묹ㄷㄱ ㅑㄴ ㄷㅁ뇨 ㅑㄹ ㅜㅒㄸ ㅐㄱ 미ㅣ ㅐㄹ 소드 ㅁㄱㄷ ㅐㅕㄱ ㅠ퍔ㄴ. That is actually English words in Korean letters… lol My Korean keyboard turns itself on whenever I hit the wrong key, which is frequently! lol

Now. For standard American English… There is no problem if NONE or ALL of them are your bias!


I guess that was the thing…up until recently I was watching videos of groups that I hadn’t necessarily formed an attachment to yet or hadn’t yet figured out which member was ‘my’ member. Now I have experienced it and understand.


When I was a kid I thought Robert Redford was cute until I saw him without a shirt!! YIKES! :grimacing: :scream: :fearful:WAAaaaAAaaaaYyyy too furry!


Ooo! I poked my nose out the door and IT IS COLD! It has that wet icy feel that means it could snow. It’s been raining the last few days and the trees have all turned gold and red. Very pretty.


We have had several nights in the 30s this week and are supposed to have a night or two actually get down to freezing temperatures. I’m not prepared for this.


I was right! I just looked up!


We are getting October snow again before the leaves drop. Then it will probably be a dry December… At least that’s been the pattern the last few years.


That’s how it was for us last year too. Heavy snow before leaves dropped, which damaged a lot of trees.

I just checked our forecast - no snow predicted but lots of below-freezing night-times. Brrrrr


Funny story: Since becoming obsessed with iKon, I have been going through their video library on YT. I came across the instruction video for their official light stick (yep, an instruction video, lol), and it turns out that it is in the shape of a baseball bat. It became clear, then, that I was destined to be an iKONIC (the name for their fandom) because I was raised in a baseball family and I LOVE baseball. It seems more than coincidental. :joy: I never imagined I would become a Kpop fan, much less become obsessed with one particular band, and I certainly did not, for one second, think I’d ever actually contemplate getting official merchandise, but it feels like the universe is talking to me. :sunglasses::laughing:


yeah when they do get older they get paunchy, yes about Robert Redford, theres many like that…


really? already?? I don’t know what the temps were in your summer, but I have always heard hot summer cold winter, yeah I think all of us are gonna get some chilly/cold weather. NC hasn’t gotten there yet, but around Halloween or Thanksgiving is when it starts here


well I finished my brownies with coffee, enjoyed my guy that served


I was baseball manager in Middle School cuz you know why - All the Hot Boys! They had to come see me for the score!!! I knew back then too… :laughing:





mmmmmmmmmmmm! was good!


I remember struggling to be strong and retain my composure while watching Love in the Moonlight. I stayed relatively composed throughout the angst and separation and forbidden love and even a few character deaths, but the second Crown Prince(Park Bo Gum) started to cry… I couldn’t. I just couldn’t hold back the floodgates. He just BREAKS my heart when he cries. I became a sobbing, watery-eyed MESS. :sob:

I wonder if you’ll come to the same point as I did… I used to have a bias and then another bias and then aNOTHER bias… and then all of them just became “mine” :sweat_smile: When I watch my videos, I pause every other second to admire one of them.

Welcome to the vortex! :joy:


I have kind of reached that point in a way - when I watch all their non dance/performance videos, I am very attached to all of them, but for now, when it comes to dance, I can’t look away from my guy.

I can’t get out!! Help! :joy: