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oh my!!

maybe this will cheer you up, um we need a barista to serve us, and of course coffee

oh dear oh dear here I go again, but I seen it and thought it was so pretty!


How cute!!!


thank you!!


I loved The Bionic Woman as achild. It was must see TV! I even had the Bionic Woman Barbie doll. Ahh…good times!


Ooh! I love period dramas too! Although for Bridgerton I knew what was coming because it was Shonda Rhimes project.LOL!! My fave period dramass are BBC Pride & Prrejudice 1995 and North & South 2004


Did you guys watch Dark Shadows?

It was on right at 4 pm so us kids ran all the way home from school to watch it. We were glued to the set waiting for Barnabas to bite somebody. :joy: HE NEVER DID! All we saw was the threat of fangs! To THIS DAY! I HATE Soap operas! My mom poked her head around the corner to see what were wer watching just in time to see the fangs, :EEEEK! What are you children watching! Go outside and play!" - “No mom! Barnabas is going to bite someone!”

It’s like that other soap opera that was teasing viewers FOR WEEKS with that lady treading water out in the Pacific while that ominous ‘Jaws’ music played. SO ANNOYING - WEEKS… AGGggGGHS I hate soap operas for those reasons. :rofl: But after I grew up, I was always working so I never got in the soap habit. :rofl:


I loved North and South.

I did not watch that. I only watched soaps when I was home sick from school and staying at my Grandma’s house because she watched them all. LOL


LOL my cousin decided to watch it because she thought it was going to be a cute little period drama and then, well, she saw what she saw… She agreed to try watching k-dramas with me after that :joy: And she loves them!


Gotta love the wholesomeness of most Kdramas!


Yea! Like ‘Train to Busan!’ :scream: That one was a heart-clutcher… GONG YOO! :sob:
Need my nitro handy for that one and LOT of tissues! My heart still jumps thinking about that one!

That one was an excellent seat clutcher! Sheesh! Those zombies are TOO DANGED FAST!


That’s why I said ‘most’ :sweat_smile:


Ok Science geek news for today!

Astronaut’s Photo Shows a Huge Blue Flash in Earth’s Atmosphere

“Last week, an astronaut aboard the International Space Station captured a lightning strike over Europe. But unlike most lightning, this electrical outburst was not a bunch of spiky tendrils but rather a big blue bubble over the continent.”

Who says science geeks don’t have a sense of whimsy?
" There are sprites, which are vertical, supertall bright flashes of red or bluish-green light; jets, which tend to be blue and occur in the stratosphere; and elves, which are very high-altitude electromagnetic pulses. There are also [trolls](, which are jet-like, and other magically named luminous forms of lightning that happen above the clouds."

Astronaut's Photo Shows a Huge Blue Flash in Earth's Atmosphere (


Ooo! We have snow peeps that stayed. Yesterday it rained, then snowed, then rained, then snowed so it was a big slushy mess. All that froze and we have a nice layer of snow over all that black ice!

LOVELY driving conditions!

Stay indoors! but unfortunately, people have to get to work! STAY SAFE!

First snow, people forget how to drive on ice! Watch out for idiots!


I WILL NOT drive on a highway when there is black ice. People think 4-wheel drive allows them to go 80 MPH.


as for dark shadows, you bet ,I ran home to watch it!! yeah gotta love the wholesomeness of Kdramams,:rofl::rofl::rofl:

porkypine, dont forget our famous captain is heading for the stars this week

on my goodness, the snow! well NC does get the snow < I call it frost, they would go out of their mind if they had a snow like that!!


maybe thats another one to watch(maybe) train to Busan, only reason I watched it was the actors I liked
yes it was a good one




Pretty but NOPE, NOPE, NOPE. That stuff will come soon enough to my area of the country (Iowa). Not looking forward to it although it is fun on the weekends to watch it come down knowing that I don’t have to get out in it until Monday. LOL!


Oh, man. Yeah, same problem here during the first snow or two. People drive like they are on dry pavement. UGH!
Speaking of 4-wheel drive, years ago I had to drive 13 miles one way to get to work at my former factory job. My supervisor told me that because I had 4-wheel, I could make it in no matter what the weather. I said that I could 4-wheel myself right into the ditch, especially on ice. I know he was giving me a bad time but I still mouthed back because I thought it was an idiotic remark. :roll_eyes:


I just got done shoveling off 2 to 3 inches of wet snow off my ramp and I managed to get my windshield wipers off the glass and stand them up. Those puppies will freeze to the windshield once that snow starts to melt.

The smaller trees are bending - They didn’t drop their leaves yet.


For Hyung Sikkie Fans - Maybe ZE:A will get back together now that he is planning more diverse activities or we might get a solo album from Sikkie