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Where in NC is getting Snow?! I grew up in NC! WOW are you in the mountains! :snowflake:




We Heart it


Park Hyung Sikkie is our Barista today! As he has joined a new agency - We can’t wait to see his new plans!


Shoveled off my ramp. Freed my windshield wipers from the ice and raised them up so they don’t freeze on the windshield again. Knocked the ice clumps off my crabapple sapling that was bent way over.

The BEST thing about first snow is that is clears the air of all that ultra fine dust that the potato harvest kicks up. It gets on everything! I just got done mopping my wood floors. I can expect them to stay clean more than 2 hours now! lol (gads! I HATE potato harvest season!)

So… I was resting with my feet up and I heard this Thump… THUMP THUMP… thump thump, thump … thump… THUMP!

The trees were having a snow fight. It warmed up enough for the snow to melt off a little and as soon as a branch is light enough it pops back into it’s normal position throwing snow clumps all over the place.


I love that visual.


Hope it doesn’t damage your trees too much. We’ve got corn and soybean harvest going on here so I understand about the fine dust in the air. Choke, choke, choke. Need a rain or snow to settle it. We are supposed to get light frost here this weekend. As they say in the series, Game of Thrones, ‘Winter is coming’.


Winter done did came already! They won’t harvest more until the ground dries up a bit. Hopefully, they got them all. When the harvest comes it is all hands on deck for every field and dirt goes flying EVERYWHERE!

Choke! is right! I can breathe again! For some reason, my body objects to breathing dirt. I just don’t understand why…

Oh! I just found this! SO CUTE! I just ordered it and sent it to my son. He and the grandkids will love it!

Your very own spaghetti monster!


none yet, was just saying how these folks act & react to snow here, and yes the mountains do get hit first

about hate the thought of that white stuff, I’d rather see that bunch of rain than snow


all righty now!!

someone mentioned , Kirk should be on the suit, would have been awesome


I’ll just have everything on the menu so I can camp out all day.


You can have whatever you want HyungSikkie to bring you!park%20hyung%20sik%2010


Is it too late to talk about old crushes? Mine were somewhat strange for my age, I liked old shows & movies, my biggest crush would have been James Cagney, I loved gangster movies

Who didn’t love Cary Grant (or for that matter the other two in the photo Katharine Hepburn & Jimmy Stewart)

Bob Crane from Hogan’s Heroes


Aw, Poor Bob Crane! SAD
Unsolved Death is so crazy


yeah! we had a lot of fantastic movies, shows awesome actors & actresses, now I must find the ones I found today and put them on here

and they never found who murdered bob…


looks like he3 and the others are ready to go!! think lift off was at 5 this morning, um don’t quote me, really not sure right now

God Speed William Shatner!

its today.

a youtube channel and twitter. awesome!!


:sob::sob::sob: I just want to watch him in a rom-com again is that too much to ask??!!! WHYYYY WHYYYYYY is his drama lineup full of melodramatic noona romances?!? :sob::sob:


Looking forward to hearing how things went for William Shatner on his voyage to space!

@vivi_1485 I’m right there with you begging Lee Do Hyun to do something light and fun.

Edit: Just saw an article about Shatner’s experience. So cool! Here’s a quote:

“Everybody in the world needs to do this. Everybody in the world needs to see it,” Shatner continued. "It was unbelievable. The little things – the weightless – but to see the blue color (of the sky) whip by you and now you’re staring into blackness. … And then it’s gone. It was so moving. This experience did something unbelievable. "

An emotional Shatner reiterated to Bezos how in awe he was of what he saw and how it prompted him to consider life and death.

“What you have given me is the most profound experience I can imagine,” he told Bezos. “I hope I never recover from this.”
William Shatner gets emotional after historic Blue Origin flight: ‘I hope I never recover’ (


aawwwwwww thank you!! I havent seen the news yet, bet it was an experience for him!
and thanks for sharing!


It has to be a fantastic experience for Shatner! Remember that the original Star Trek was on air BEFORE man was on the moon! The first air date was in 1966! Then, Shatner was pretending to zoom all over the galaxy and now, FIFTY-FIVE years later Shatner is actually in earth orbit! Him! a CIVILIAN! That has to be an incredible experience for him.


Oh, yea! He was very good at playing a gangster, It’s like this, See.…! lol My dad used that line all the time and he had that accent right on the nose! My dad was from Chicago.

We kids LOVED Errol Flynn and his swashbuckling, sword-fighting movies!

Whenever we had cardboard tubes from wrapping paper we’d go at it until the tubes were toast. Our mom wouldn’t let us use sticks because we’d beat the cr4p outta each other :crazy_face: :face_with_head_bandage: all in the name of fun. :innocent: :rofl:


Here’s a funny for you. Not quite there yet but working on it. LOL!