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I just cried watching William Shatner CRY about his trip today! That was a beautiful heartfelt moment! I loved it. As a Star Trek fan - warmed my heart - he is 90 years old. :space_invader:



I can’t do the FL so probably not one I will be watching! You are right though a lot of melodrama lately!
I liked our upbeat Dali Temple or Dr. McSweetie Buns or My Fated Boy! :sunny:


Look! More photos of Hyung Sikkie


Has there been any word on where that drama will be streaming? It doesn’t seem like Viki is getting it, but I need to see it!


Just on TVN - not sure if NF or VIKI will eventually get it!
12 Eps



It will eventually come to Viki.


Gotta get my Bo-Gummy fix and Gong Yoo fix!

서복 - Seo Bok!

YEA!!! VIKI HAS SEOBOK! Just waiting for it to premiere!


ok heres another past one

I think we already mentioned this guy earlier


aw we just gotta mention her

wheres Sam(?) I think that was his name

thats enough for today

now where is my VIKI FIX??? ah I got it!

one more thing, I couldn’t remember that one shows name till now, BJ & the Bear

what was that other truck drivers name he had a series too
Claude Akins!!!


oh my! it looks good!!


It is a good movie. I think you will like it. Two of my favorite guys so, bonus! Great acting by both of them.



Our Cutie for the Watch Party Today
Leon Leong - Definitely Not Today
Barista Extraordinaire


Ooh! I liked that show as a kid. Also a huge fan of The Bionic Woman back in the day. I have discovered Unpopular K Pop Opinions over at Reddit. It’s very interesting. Lots of people get their posts called out as being actually popular opinions there. Anyway, you can definitely get lost in that space.
The Thai remake of K Drama “I Remember You” starring Jang Nara and Seo In Guk has arrived at Netflix USA under the title “Remember You”. I added it to my watchlist. I really liked Full House Thai so I’m looking forward to seeing what Thailand does with IRY. I’m hoping that they improve the romance aspect between ML & FL because it was rather weak in the original Korean drama in my opinion. Hopefully the acting is good-we will see.


I just finished this one yesterday. I haven’t seen the original Korean one, but I liked this one. The acting maybe wasn’t terrific, but it was an interesting story.


Lee Je Hoon!! And the FL from JBL/Melting me Softly! :heart_eyes: This was such a surprise… I’m in a Lee Hi phase and I just happened to come across this beautiful MV!


I have just started this one, and I like it better than the K one


ok heres another

Actor Richard Basehart, who played Admiral Nelson on a Voyage to the bottom of the sea, was the uncredited narrator of the opening titles of Knight Rider in 84 episodes.

Michael Knight

He also actually PLAYED Wilton Knight in the pilot (Episode 1) of Knightrider and the voice of Wilton Knight in Episode 2.


found this morning

Gregory Ralph Evigan (October 14, 1953) is 68 years old today! Best known for the television series B. J. and the Bear, My Two Dads, P.S. I Luv U and TekWar.

anyone recognize this fella?

aaahhhhh now we are talking!!

is anyone “old” enough to remember the creature from mthe black lagoon? an experiment that went wrong if I recall,

Julie Adams’ underwater stunt double, Ginger Stanley, from Creature From the Black Lagoon (1954).


Yippie finally done filming


ahhh this is so annoying :joy: Lee Hee Joon, Lee Ji Hoon… my heart accelerates and then I go… oh. It’s not my Je Hoonie :flushed::joy:


LOL Perks of being the legendary cable network, tvN :joy: You can create ripoffs of your own dramas and use the very same soundtracks!