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Radom comment from the former farm girl~
I believe one of the reasons I think Bo Gummy is so cute is because I love his eyes. They are so kind like the pail calves I used to feed on the farm. I just want to give him a big hug. (I hope he isn’t offended by this post). :thinking::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Photo comparisons below.



Bo Gummy is just Yummy



y’all good night


I need my Cheng Yi fix! How’s this for an all round fighting superhero!

My mom would tell me when she saw me honing a knife, “You and your sharp knives, You are just like your father.” I’d tell her, “Yep, respect the tools.”


heres a halloween decoration

p/s just a fyi
the children with foam blocks, pool noodles and manikin heads. Thanks for letting me share!
someone made these just thought I’d share



I love Halloween and I know in some cultures it is a way to remember the dead! All Hallow’s Eve!


This show cracks me up! I’ve been working on it this morning and it has me laughing. So rowdy! :rofl:

(I actually know some people like those two. :rofl: )


hmmmmmmmmmm another drama to check on!!


I’m into episode 3 of An Incurable Case of Love.

The FL’s “deer in the headlights” stare vs. the ML’s “die, peasant” sneer.

The perfect foundation for love and romance.


We did a watch party of that one! It’s very enjoyable, as long as you don’t mind the icy cold ML.


Oh you can’t not love Dr McHottie Buns he is stoic but squishy inside - I love him!!!




He can sneer at me all day and twice on Sundays! @misswillowinlove


It’s quite clear that Tendo Sensei has a reason to be broken-hearted and to be afraid to love again. And the actor who portrays him does an excellent job of showing that, in many ways, men are emotionally more incurably romantic than women.


Except for his strangely puffy hair, Satoh Takeru does a great job portraying a compassionate yet troubled doctor. He’s sort of like Dr. Romantic. In fact, if it weren’t for the fact that An Incurable Case of Love is (ambivalent sigh) based on a manga, the story would make a fantastic medical drama.

But since it has its special origins, it has to have Sakura Nanase, pure-hearted, shy, and selfless, determined to fix whatever is wrong.


It’s interesting to me that, if I can reference another type of drama, Miss Hero is only four or five years younger than the Devil Doctor, yet she is so much more immature than he is. It’s worse, to my way of thinking, than Backstreet Rookie..

She is so passive and so timid and so easily intimidated. I wonder how, in the world of the story, this particular character was ever allowed out of the house to attend school.

She lets men touch her and insult her and make comments about her figure and about how they can help her become more womanly. Seriously, gross. Get away from me before I bite your nose off!


I would find the story much easier to cope with if the writers of the “dorama” had left out Miss Hero altogether and made a serious medical drama. The scenes that revolve around strictly medical issues are quite compelling.


He absolutely does, and he played the role so perfectly. I fell hard for him. As for the FL, the actress was cute, but her character was a mess. Frankly, the FL role only mattered to me insofar as her role in opening him back up to the world. It was all about him for me.


This is such a cute video…
You can hear Baekhyun’s live vocals here. At the end of Music Back, the winner usually sings with nothing but the instrumental.

This was Baekhyun’s first Music Bank win as a solo artist. He was really nervous, and you can see the apprehension on his face, especially when everyone else leaves the stage. And then NCT surrounded him, giving him support in their own way :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I found it so heartwarming, watching them hype their sunbae up. They usually don’t act up like that on stage but you could see how much they were trying to make him feel less nervous. Just another thing I love about SM Family


This happened in reverse in My Fated Boy - the Only MATURE person in the Room was the 25 Year old boy who came back for his older childhood friend! I also loved this one so much.

Incurable Case of Love - is another manga - which I love! And I thought the medical part was awesome! One of the scenes where he let’s everyone know that she is his girlfriend and then he gruffly walks away saying “I’m not saying it again.” I love this stuff! I love Dr. McSweet Buns! Her character is immature but hey she goes after what she wants! The show was all about HIM! My stoic squishy boys!

this happens so much in Japanese drama - Like Coffee and Vanilla! I really don’t get it. But Love Is Phantom - that girl knew what she wanted and it was Renn!


@my_happy_place I did also notice that for once on VIKI a Japanese show has a high rating 9.6 for Incurable Case of Love - It’s McHottie Buns! We know it.

Me thinks @kdrama2020ali is going to rewatch this - this week!

Yes please


Piano bar in the Cafe today!


The smudged lipstick was a promise he made if he won.
EXO's Baekhyun Received Help From NCT 127 To Fulfill His Funny First-Place Promise - Koreaboo