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Welcome - Barista - From Seventeen @my_happy_place
And he’s 24

I’ll take a mint chocolate cocoa and a raspberry cream cheese scone please - CUTIE BARISTA

this guy has the cutest NOSE :nose:


This Man! This is where I fell in love with his music & more with him after Wok!!!
I kind of miss his blonde hair!!!

Stop BABY - I just want to be with you!!!

My BABY txted me this morning!!! so HAPPY


cute baristas



Kai 2nd Mini Album Teaser from Twitter!



We like peaches! :peach:


:peach::peach::peach::peach::peach::peach::peach::peach::peach::peach::peach::peach: lots and lots of peaches :laughing:



this guy is cute, PERIOD. :joy: He’s the first Seventeen member I noticed. He’s the fashion expert and helps everyone dress up sometimes :sweat_smile:

He also helps his members with their Chinese pronunciation. It’s hilarious!


I’m from Georgia … The Peach State … IT’S LIKE HE’S SPEAKING DIRECTLY TO ME (LOL)


VIXX - some music in the CAFE
Beautiful song


That really is a beautiful song. Going straight in my playlist.


I came on it - ACCIDENTALLY


What cutie pie in the movie we watched tonight!!! Great acting skills


So YOU guys can laugh!!!


Sounds more like a Gen-Z interview though :rofl:

I have had a job interview with an older man interviewing me. He told me he didn’t understand some of the behaviors younger employees displayed. The office has a “sit where you want” policy and he told me how this employee would come and sit in his office across from him! (He’s a partner at the firm.) And he would put headphones on! :scream::scream:

He was clearly frustrated about the situation. This “employee” is in the same age category as I am, so was he trying to warn me or something? :laughing:


Great. I was going to watch Now We Are Breaking Up just for Sehun but it’s going to be rated 19+ :flushed:


I’m so sad that I’m not interested in watching this at all - the FL - I don’t care for we all know.

But I love Jang Ki Yong - Boo

I heard only the 1st Eps or so is 19 +
I don’t know if the whole show is


the guy in the black and red jacket

SF9 - These guys are really talented Our Barista’s for today!!!
Some Dancing in the Cafe

Now I have to find Rowoon in there!!! He is REALLY tall!
Love their choreography


Actually, I’m sad that don’t really care about any of the weekday Korean dramas streaming right now :slightly_frowning_face: I’m just anticipating Yoo Seung Ho’s comeback and then 2022 dramas. I wonder if we’ll ever get the old k-drama charm back…


Comforting Kdrama

We need to add some more here!

So what is it - what is it that you are looking for when you say - Comforting Kdrama???