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The first dramas that come to my head are I’m Not A Robot, Touch Your Heart, and Thirty But Seventeen. True-to-heart romantic comedies with a nice, big supporting cast of detailed, multi-dimensional characters you slowly fall in love with. Unexpected families. People loving, supporting, and cheering each other on. Heart-fluttering, fluffy, sweet romance. Thoughtful, subtle messages. Side-splitting comedy. Characters that connect, making you feel their emotions. Dramas that leave you unspeakably happy at the end, but very sad that you have to leave the bubble.


I would say DATING in the Kitchen has some of this - funny, his assistant is fun, (I don’t care for the friends of the FL) but it had the most heart fluttering flirt moment last night and it is a TRUE Rom-Com!
She is so adorable I can’t stand it. I also think Love Script is adorable and lots of characters to love.
Of course - I have moved away from k-drama a little lately

We watched a movie last night - The Dude Inside Me - Side Splitting hilarious! Korean
Have you tried OK T new Royal Inspector??

I have a thought about why drama is changing - I believe it is the new WIDER viewing audience - so many more people in the US - because of Netflix are watching more and more drama so Squid Games - Happiness - Vincenzo - these types of more intense dramas are coming out.


Do you guys ever ROAST pecans in butter and salt! SO YUMMY and smells so good!


I agree completely. With the world at large taking more of an interest, there is more and more content that tries to appeal to that audience. I have enjoyed some of that newer content, but I don’t want to lose the qualities of Kdramas that originally drew me to them, which is exactly how @vivi_1485 described them.


I was looking at a lot of what are now “classics” and they are not putting out as much of this content anymore - I hope that they don’t lose that - right now more thrillers and historical tear jerkers are out there along with a lot of fantasy - I thought DOOM was very well done! Let’s see about Red Sky!!! But we need a good new “I Am Not a Robot” or “Oh My Venus”

Seems I am finding this in Chinese dramas lately -


The first of the newest dramas that comes to mind with these qualities is Hometown ChaChaCha. Have you given it a try yet? It definitely had that old Kdrama charm.



I miss him! so much


isn’t he supposed to be in another drama soon? I miss him too!!


Movie yes! starts filming in Dec

Sad Tropic


I thought so. course can’t wait!!


Finally watched these SF9 videos. Their choreography is so cool!


I must find more of their stuff - very fluid group all together - and very light - they remind me of
Park Hyung Sik in ZE:A and how those guys move -
I wish ZE:A would make a comeback



Yup, some dramas (but movies especially) were on the darker side, but even in the past it used to be different (the thriller / suspense kind). Idk… I couldn’t even finish Vincenzo, didn’t watch Squid Games, but I have watched a lot of those type of dramas in the past. Something about them is different now. Not that it’s bad, it just doesn’t interest me as much anymore or something in them has changed :woman_shrugging:.


Same for me on both of these. They are not really my favorite genres anyway, but I have watched some that appealed to me. I can’t put my finger on what it is that draws me in or turns me away. It’s kind of why I just have to give things a try and see what hits or misses.


There’s a challenge going around that you can’t say how dark it’s gotten lately. Hahaha I’ve failed miserably :rofl:.

Today it got dark so quickly :open_mouth::laughing: .


Today is one of those gloomy, miserable, dreary, foggy, rainy, never-got-any-sunlight kind of days.


I absolutely loved Vincenzo - my dark humor - I guess though Kwak Dong Yeon had me at Baby Babel -
and of course Song Joong Ki’s Pjs!!!


Glad you enjoyed it.
I like dark humor too, but I found myself annoyed way too often, so I had to stop watching :sweat_smile:


Does anybody else ever wonder why people in the TCs complain that they have to wait a week for a new episode? Do they complain about American on air shows? Maybe they’ve forgotten how tv works and only watch ntflx, although they have a lot of shows you have to wait a weed for too. (and sub whiners irritate me to no end, I wish I could go moderate the TC of some shows) I guess I’m just ranting.