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Those are terrible topics to be complaining about in TCs, if you ask me. Waiting a week for a new episode is one of the many reasons I gave up American TV, and it’s the biggest reason I avoid on-air dramas for the most part. And if I ever choose to follow an on-air drama, I might say something about how hard it is to wait (either to myself or in discussions), but it’s not something I’d put in a TC because it’s a choice I made to watch it in that manner. No one forced me. And it would be so nice to clean up the TCs on so many dramas. Not just those types of complaints but also the endless duplicate messages that get posted, or the ones that are just a bunch of flag emojis or the like.


You can always ask the CM of the show if you could be added in order to clean up TCs.
I clean up TCs on the shows I work on as a moderator, but I don’t keep going back to them, especially since I often finish way later than the English or other OL teams. I do notice that some dramas get cleaned up, but because they are popular, people keep adding new nonsense TCs. Why do ppl add their IGs and Snapchat? :sob:


I’ve offered on a couple, one was a respectful no, I get it, they don’t know me, the other was a yes and I cleaned them up about a year ago, and I went back to watch it recently and there were the duplicate TC and the contagious ones again. Why are multiple emojis and date/time comments contagious? lol It’s funny 2 or 3 emojis and everything goes along fine, but once someone puts down 5, 6, 20, it’s like it’s open season.


IKR? And it’s not like they are only at the beginning, but sprinkled throughout :sob:
I just scan through the whole thing even though it takes me way longer if I do that.


people complain about anything and everything. ok so I have complained about late episodes, BUT I also realize they have to produce said episodes,

and hey if one has to wait, there are other dramas to watch while waiting? so I find or found different dramas ones I have never seen or watched.

and I enjoyed what I watched, then put on my list to finish watching , at least I occupy myself and not steam because of “waiting” .

so go to a doctors office, and what ?WAIT!!! so read, write observe people till you see said dr.
I also can gripe and complain, but what good does it do? occupy yourself with something. Y’all learning that new language, or crochet or, research or whatever. get motivated and learn a new thing while waiting… my 3 cents worth today, just saying.


Making you guys some Sweet Garlic Chicken for the Barista’s to Serve for Lunch!!


EXO Barista Staff Today!
Love Shot


yummy!!! crockpot chicken every time!!


So, is the Love Shot a special drink? :wink:


Wonder if you’ve seen it in dramas… the two people link arms and drink together


The Couples Shot!!! Love it!!!

Put your hands up and get your drinks up!!! @feyfayer


Hahaha I know about that.
Just wondering if @kdrama2020ali had thought of a special drink to accompany the name :laughing:


Totally - It was me - I confess - I did!

Oh MO MO - We have Piano Music for the Cafe Today!!! So Beautiful

Which Hottie do you want playing the piano???
Bo Yummy
Seo KangJoonie
Yoo Ah In


Which Hottie do you want playing the piano???

Ummm … all of them? They can take turns. :grin:

And that recipe looks good but SWEET … @kdrama2020ali let us know how it turns out!


I make it all the time I love it!!!
I use thighs with skin on and then I throw that away and shred the meat - put it over potatoes!


Older videos/Younger boys of ATEEZ but WOW!!!


lets see what happens when I put a pole dancer on here


Since my desperation has reached new limits, I’ve been watching Young Lady and Gentleman live on KBS2 :sweat_smile:
The weird advantage of this? I love watching the ads! :joy: I recognize someone in almost every single ad and it’s so much fun! I’ve never enjoyed ads like this before lol I’ve already seen my Je Hoonie, Shin Min Ah, Kim Young Ok, Yoo Jae Suk, and others…
Here’s Henry for Papa Joe’s Pizza!!


Hahaha I’ve watched some of the live shows before. It’s funny how much you can actually pick up even though you don’t understand everything :smile:

The ads are pretty funny.


My personal favorite would be Kai


told me

Shall we all collectively die now!