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Which city are we gathering in to see them?




I would die! DIE DIE DEAD DIE!


For those who watched Devine Fury with my CUTIE - Woo Do!
Look he is playing in the snow on his leave before he is officially home in January!


Not SCARY @natyh
Not Scary at all


I need to recover from all that :sob:
I think that I need to watch him in a different role again:bulb:


@my_happy_place remember how we were talking about FLs shutting witchlike ex characters up?? I suddenly remembered that scene from Tomorrow With You, where ML so totally shuts that annoying witch up for FL :joy::joy: I srsly loved that scene… ML characters are usually pretty gentle when it comes to turning their exes away and they usually let FL do all the witch-fighting. It was fun to watch Yoo So Joon completely burn that spoilt brat of a woman


no not dying for these “younguns” no matter how cute they are


I slept like a baby last night even tho I watched Devine Fury with the gang. IMO, Woo Do was one HOT evil guy. Hehehe.


Me too!!!


Thanks for the reminder of that scene. As much as I’d love to see more FLs shut down the terrible exes, I’d love just as much to see more MLs shut down their terrible exes. It drives me crazy how lenient they are most of the time. They need to put their foot down and make it crystal clear, leaving no room for interpretation.


AAGGGHHH!!! I am STUCK in IDAHO and not ONE Italian Cookie to be found here! Waaaaa :sob:

So, I have to make my own! (I miss San Francisco!)

Aren’t they DELICIOUS! So pretty! YUM!!! I did order some from a bakery in SF but they didn’t mail well. I am spoiled, I expect fresh out of the oven, Italian cookies, and mailing them just won’t be fresh enough. sigh

At least they have some great sushi restaurants here! Who would have thought that there is a market for sushi in landlocked, Ida-potato-land. :laughing: But there is!


thats why I want to find a recipe and make my own, anything!

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Do you make the Italian Wedding Cookies - or crescent cookies I love them and hot out of the oven. ?

My friends in ALBUQUERQUE make something called the biscochitos

This is a recipe off the internet and my friend didn’t use orange - but these suckers melt in your mouth -
YUM! I have one friend her mom was from Mexico - that girl could make these the best I have every had in my life!!!


I love biscotti and LEMON COOKIES! My gosh my mom would pick lemons off the tree outside my sisters house and put lemons in EVERYTHING! lol She had so much fun teasing her grandson with lemons in everything. lol He would complain NO MORE LEMONS GRAMMA! :laughing:

and those almond cookies with the jelly thumbprint. and the ones with those colorful sprinkles and the well ANYTHING almond… is sooo delicious! I don’t even know the names of them all, Just say 4 of those and 6 of that and 5 of those over there. :laughing: :sunglasses:

We used to be able to buy a great assortment from Stella D’oro years ago but they’ve changed their stuff and don’t sell it online at least that I can find. I guess their broader market doesn’t sell the unique stuff. I just googled it and they sold out to a different company and moved to Ohio. That’s why their lineup changed… sigh They were decent for a mass-market product. Still Not as good as bakery fresh or Homemade! They have EXCELLENT Italian bakeries Off of Columbus Ave (near the Wharf.)


Get your ORIGAMI papers and supplies here! GORGEOUS and I mean GORGEOUS papers!

Oh, This is in San Francisco. :sunglasses: Oh off of Geary- Post and Buchannan (pronounced ‘Byou-canon’)

Beautiful handmade papers!

Sembazuru - If you have a wish, fold 1000 cranes.

My gramma had a pretty crane mobile. I really wanted to take it apart to learn how to make them but I was afraid of hurting them so I found an origami book and learned how. You can too! And get pretty papers here!

God help me! The papers are GORGEOUS! *buying to much darned papers! * Guess what my sisters are getting for Christmas! a bunch of handmade origami ornaments. ahahah THAT’S JUST WHAT THEY NEEDED RIGHT? AHAHAHAHA

I mean… Look at this! The classic ‘36 views of Fujiyama!’ made for CRANES! The print shows on the wings!


that fold 1000 cranes, make a wish, wasnt that in a drama, I guess, a few years back

those cookies do look good, share a recipe??? oops sorry didn’t see the link. I will check it out as soon as I finish

1 1/2 cups lard?? oh my goodness!!! I just like to try different things is all, they used to be called fingerprint cookies( the almone, or the fruit ones) love lemon cookies too, I will have to find my recipoe for that, and y’all are helping me get out of that depression I have been talking about. course I goptta find the recipes and collect items necessary/


Oh MO MO our MONK can make origami crabs for me anytime


Ooo My mom made the BEST date cookies! They were SO GOOD. No one has the recipe though!

They looked something like this but with powdered sugar on them


Our Junho’s ‘The Red Sleeve’ has claimed ‘Most Buzzworthy drama’ this week. So glad his work is getting a lot of attention!

“The Red Sleeve” Rated Most Buzzworthy Drama + “Now We Are Breaking Up” Dominates Actor Rankings | Soompi


Giant Food

Confession - I love these with Diet Mt Dew
I have to ORDER them I can’t find them here!!!
I just got some! In HEAVEN


This girl - I love her attitude!!! She’s AWESOME!