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Ok, I’m really liking The Scholar Who Walks the Night, but it’s another drama where the FL is an idiot, I really wish the writer would have given her some brains. And the TCs, I really need to shut them off, because people don’t understand that sometime someone has to sacrifice themselves for the greater good and the person they are protecting isn’t always a coward for letting them, they may have a bigger mission to accomplish. The TCs are making me more mad than the drama, lol


Real life examples of self sacrifice. Not happy stories, read at your own risk.
10 of the Most Heroic Acts of Self Sacrifice in History (


and maybethats another watch for me, yes I did love the drama, from the vampire (the bad one) the scholar. and the rest, so will put that one on my list today. and it does get better…

and yes really wish the writers or someone would do better with the female leads, not let them be brainless…


how about this for out tea and cookies, ? Barista where are you??


Our Baristas are making you guys my famous muffins this morning.

Infinite -
Baristas for today


I’m not sure I’d survive seeing this live. :exploding_head:


But you’d die a happy death! :angel:t4:


a VERY happy death :smirk:


The lard gives them the melt - not crisco but real lard


So happy :sunglasses::heart_eyes::grimacing:


I like jalapeno cheetos even though they have cheese and give me the gut whumps lol I take a lactaid and eat them anyway!


Someone. ANYONE! KICK ME OUT OF HERE on SATURDAY in the daytime! Before the Red SKY watch party! I MUST take care of a stack of book boxes in my office that seems like they want to fall over. I really should unpack them. I’ve lived here for 2 years now and I have NO intention of moving again. lol


I know some of my missing cook books are in one of those boxes. :laughing: I really want to bake this year and need my recipes.

Yes, it is well used, stained and dog eared but that is the best bread book! I’ve had that thing for ??? 45 years? You’d think I’d have rememberd the recipe by now but no, I only use it once a year. lol


Both MinHos in the news today:

MinHo from SHINee is confirmed for new drama with my girl, Chae Soo Bin! I’m so excited!
SHINee’s Minho And Chae Soo Bin Confirmed As Leads Of New Drama | Soompi

Lee MinHo in talks for new drama. A space drama? That’s not something you see every day.
Update: Lee Min Ho And Gong Hyo Jin In Talks To Lead New Space-Themed Drama | Soompi


Meanwhile… the company, formally known as facebook, is intent upon setting up a metaverse…



This is your geek news for the day folks! :nerd_face: :sunglasses:



My baby would like to say HI to everyone - she had her check up yesterday and I was worried about something that was found but I think we are A OK - and she is my loveable sweetheart! My baby dog.

Piper - or Pipees!!! She lubs me!


Awww, sweet puppy! Glad to hear the news is good from her checkup.


Oh! Lookie what I found!

I WANT IT!!! A Hokusai/Godzilla Noren for my kitchen doorway!

ahahahahahaahahAHAHhahahaHHAHHAahaahaa :rofl: :sunglasses:

I mean, COME ON!! You Just CAN NOT get any better than this! The Hokusai classic WAVE woodblock print PLUS the classic Toho 1954 Godzilla - All-in-One print!

Oh Yea, baby!

All mine! mwahahahahaha

I can just see my son looking at that and rolling his eyes if he ever gets over here to visit once this flu garbage is done with. He’d probably go find me a Mothra one to match. :rofl: :joy: :sunglasses:


How much would it set you back? :laughing:


Oh! $40 bucks! But the classics always cost more. :nerd_face: :grin:

Oh My Gosh! Lookie this one! It’s like the stuff we used to find shopping at the kitchen sink store in the Japanese Trade Center in SF! (Kitchen Sink cuz they had oddball stuff for about any use. Everything except the kitchen sink.) :rofl:

It’s a 3D puzzle.


I have been told that Viki works best with Chrome, and other browsers have issues.


Somehow, this coffee moment seemed so appropriate for the SC . . .