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Moon Sand

A friend had an emergency and I went down to watch her 3 year old today for about 4 hours - and we played with Moon Sand - you can buy this stuff already made but it is so RELAXING - I think I am going to make some or buy some so I can play ZEN.


We had some of this when my son was little. it’s very Zen and mesmerizing.


Happy DANCE!


I wish WE could all be together for Thanksgiving - Over the last year and a half I have gained so many friends here in DRAMAland - I never thought I would have so many friends in the computer! LOL
I will be in and out the rest of this week and weekend - I need to actually decorate and do some things around the house because I have a friend coming over Thursday! I hope everyone has somewhere to go, a friend to be with, family to feed or just a thought that you are LOVED!!! Cuz I love you!!! Let’s make sure to make Thanksgiving a day to be grateful even though THINGS ARE HARD!!!

See you here and there and in DRAMALAND! for a little while! :purple_heart:




Awwww I wish we could be together for Thanksgiving soon, chatting about all sorts of things over a nice dinner :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It’s been a wonderful almost-two years sharing life with you all. Hope you all have a nice Thanksgiving day with all the people you love!



Well said, you two! How fun would a dramaland Thanksgiving dinner be! We may not be together in person, but I’ll be thankful for all of you this holiday!


we can imagine cant we??


Yes! I’m already imagining @mirjam_465 and everyone else(including me!) going on our annual dessert-stealing mission to your house :joy: We’re all sneaking in at midnight and staying in your closet till Christmas, so be ready! :sunglasses:


Shhh! Don’t reveal our hiding spot!


hehehehe, well looks like I am going to have to start baking stuff then with all those “surprises” lurking, love it!! bring yourselves on!!


again the past
why not police officers



Are they coming to arrest us?

@vivi_1485 Run!


and for arrests, only if you don’t behave

heres my EMS fireman, one of them anyway

and heres the squad, this was a really neat show btw


ok heres another set


Ah, but eating cookies is not considered “missbehaving,” is it? Maybe we should even get rewarded for not letting the cookies go to waste. :innocent:

Who is Adam-12? :thinking:


another old show, that was their call letters when called


I have to watch Kim Min Jae in Dali Prince and Do you Like Braham’s? The boy got talent
:28 sec in dancing
He has a new one in TALKS


Wow! What an exciting night as BTS wins the Artist of the Year award at the 2021 American Music Awards. They had stiff competition for sure and I really thought they were a longshot. ARMY really came through for them in the voting. Winning Artist of the Year is a huge deal as it shows their strong fan base in USA and proves their marketability for US. US Music Industry can’t deny their power and stability anymore, so for sure they are one big step closer to Grammy Award win. I still feel that they won’t win a Grammy until they have a song with more of the “BTS Flavor” than their current releases, but I think getting a Grammy nomination is a certainty. (Even though I personally don’t like the song Butter, it will probably get nominated.) I’m not sure how the Recording Academy members feel about BTS, but this AMA win will give BTS a huge profile boost so I don’t think the Recording Academy members can claim they don’t know about BTS or their music, and they can’t say BTS is a fad anymore either.


Speaking of cops, remember this?