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Oh my! “CHiPS”! I tuned in every week to watch Ponch and Jon. (I had a little crush on Jon.
I found out the actor who played the boss/head of the unit, Robert Pine, is the father of actor Chris Pine. Small world.

OMG! “Emergency!” I totally loved that show as a kid and watched every week. My favorite characters were John and Nurse Dixie. The paramedic stuff was fascinating to me as a kid.

Forgot to mention my favorite performance of the night at the AMAs. New Edition and New Kids On the Block performed together a medley of their respective hits. It was great and everyone looked so good even after all these years. I was a huge New Edition fan when they first came out and it was wonderful to see them perform those songs again. I wasn’t really into NKOTB in the past, but they did well here at the AMAs. Both groups sounded good, but New Edition really nailed it. Loved the shoutout to Boston at the very end as I used to live in Dorchester. It was so nice to see BTS dancing and vibing along to this performance and giving respect to these boy group seniors, especially since these groups and songs came out before they were even born. (And to be honest, they probably not familiar with them so there’s no nostalgic glow) For real there would be no modern boy groups without New Edition for sure. BTS always give the best reactions at these award shows, IMO, no matter who is performing or what type of music is playing, BTS always listens and seems to have fun, even if it’s not familiar to them.

Here’s the performance for anyone interested:


I forgot I had intended to share that video with you a while back because it’s also your boy Park Ji Hoon. They starred together in ‘Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency’.

I did the same, but then again who didn’t back then? :joy::sunglasses:


This was a really nice Workman episode… shows you the behind-the-scenes look of a k-pop broadcasting station show :smile: and Jang Sung Kyu is really funny, so it’s a good watch!


I saw your post about this show in the variety thread. That host guy used to be the ‘teacher’ on ‘Knowing Bros.’, right? He was always so awkwardly funny, which I assumed was his ‘schtick’ (concept).


Yeah, he used to be the teacher. In Workman, his comedy is dry, sarcastic, and witty. It’s different from JaeJae’s boisterous, extra, happy comedy style. I love both styles. And I have to say that all my experiences with Korean caption editors have been the BEST. I loveeeeee the way they poke fun at everyone and make what’s already funny ten times funnier!

I’m also slowly starting to understand why SM calls itself “culture-oriented.” I only just realized that they’re talking about pop-culture. I find SM artists all over the place, in every variety show there is. Being a fan of EXO and NCT, I’ve been introduced to a lot of variety shows and MCs. They’re on almost all of them!


Oh my goodness, what happy news!

Breaking: Park Shin Hye And Choi Tae Joon Announce Marriage And Pregnancy | Soompi


Aw the sweetie from Suspicious Partner - I love their letters so SWEET - Congrats!!!


Am I allowed to CRY - Nov 23rd - Bye Sweetheart


Aww, why sad news? We finally got you in a good headspace for bed after the craziness of ‘Happiness’!


I know - why am I still here!!! LOL - Good NIGHT - Scared of ZOOMbies!!! lol


CHiPs! :laughing: :rofl: :grin: :laughing: Haven’t seen Eric Estrada in DECADES! I used to watch that show, a few millenia ago.

(I forgot the other guys’ name.) Oh, CHiPs is for California Highway Patrol. The freeway cops on their Los Angeles beat.




While looking at mug for myself I found one that @kdrama2020ali needs

this one’s good too, the red is - boys I know, the blue is - Oppas that live in South Korea, not that they’re oppas to us.

this is the one I want


I love them. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


and where do we find them???


I need this except change “boys I know” to “my husband” :joy:


From Etsy:



I especially love that the serving size is “24 hours per day”. :rofl:


love them!!!



I’m in Heaven - waiting for the peppermint OREOS to come out! :candy: