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I forgot that SIKKIE is working on something else!!! So excited 2022


The writer is hit or miss for me, so I really hope that for this drama the script will be good since Park Hyung Sik is one of my favorite actors.


SAME - I hope so!!!



Me when my Watch Party friends can’t come out to PLAY!!!


I think I’m addicted to WP!



Do you need to watch something tonight?


I’m okay I am trying to get some stuff done like everyone else - I’m going to try to catch up on one of my MILLION - I put on hold!!!


I knew I could ask you if I needed company


Took out the turkey late out of the freezer so waiting for it to defrost to season it; puertorican style. Neighbors will have a feast too bc they love my cooking, so this year I’m sharing my dinner with them bc the smallest turkey was too big.


awww!! PITIFUL! My friend, Sorry, I am unable to attend watch parties every single night. I may or may not have time to attend Thursday but if I am free, I will show up on Turkey night.


so sorry I couldn’t attend


To All My Drama Peeps - Happy Thanksgiving! :turkey:

8 pm Watch Party of Pirates if anyone is over stuffed and needs a good laugh with Action!


Hope everyone is having a lovely Thanksgiving Day!


Video is 16:39
Shocking! This happened in Japan :japan::jp:


I was fascinated by the responses they got from the people they spoke to.


I know Korea’s drinking culture is problematic, and things can get violent and all that, but I just wanted to share this episode of Workman with everyone. Jang Sung Kyu and Jay Park work at a tent bar(And Go Chan Sung makes an appearance). We’ve all seen these in dramas. I love this episode… it was just so beautiful to see strangers meet and have fun together over warm food while it rains outside.


I am like obsessed with this song!!! And love watching these guys dance!
Baby Baby Birds :bird:

Another Sexy Song That I love - I just want to hang out and dance!!!


Since BTS got another Grammy Award nomination a few days ago it got me thinking. Does South Korea have a music awards similar to the Grammy Awards where the award is given by the industry peers using just artistic merit criteria without regard to sales or chart position? I know the MAMA Awards criteria are a mix of sales, chart position, and fan voting. I don’t know of any other music awards in South Korea. I’m just curious.


Turkey day - what is going on with the original people here in the US and Canada?

I remember Alcatraz. Everyone wanted to go out there in support.

Lots of my friends came out to the Bay Area on relocation. It was really hard to move to a big metro area. Intertribal Freindship House in Oakland, also centers in San Francisco, and San Jose are places where the transplanted communities get together.

All my friends and I wanted to find a boat and get out to Alcatraz but we were very young 12-13 years old. Our parents threatened to tie us up and lock us in the closet. They didn’t want the Feds shooting us.

Oh! LaNayda is on here! She’s my husbands’ cousin!


Not all the award categories are based on that. This time, there are only a few categories you can vote for. The rest are judged, I think.


Thanks for the information. I investigated and yes, the criteria has changed a little for most of the categories. They have eliminated fan voting for most of the MAMA Awards except Worldwide Icon and Worldwide Fan’s Choice.
That being said, the criteria is still a mix that includes sales, chart position, and even “digital performance” (whatever that means), along with judges evaluation (no information given on who the judges are). It’s interesting that while 40% weight is judges score, the majority 60% weight is still numbers driven. I do think it’s kind of nice that the fan voting is no longer a criteria so that fans don’t have to feel that kind of pressure or guilt if their favorite doesn’t win. In the past I’ve seen some fans blame themselves and/or the fanbase if their favorite doesn’t win. I always felt it was rather mean of MAMA to put the fans through something like that by having the fan voting.

I’m still wondering if South Korea has any music awards similar to the Grammys where the sole criteria is artistic merit with no weight given to sales, chart position, etc. and the only voters are industry peers.


I haven’t investigated much… there are a few Award Shows but I dont really pay attention to them… I watched parts of MAMA 2020 because of the cool performances.

This year’s lineup is mostly 4th Gen, so I might just watch some selected performances