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WONHO - nothing better - dance & outfit prep!!!

Well woke up to Wonho doing a Vlive steam cleaning his couch. It was glorious!


Wookie Cut his Hair Short!!!


I love it!


Hearts broke all over the world - yep that was me :broken_heart:


Just found out about the death of Stephen Sondheim. RIP to this Musical Theater Legend. He wrote so many wonderful songs and had so many great shows over his career. It will be bittersweet when West Side Story premieres on Dec. 10th. I hope the Grammy Awards will do a tribute to him in January since he is a multiple Grammy Award winner, but I think I may have to wait until September when the Tony Awards are televised.
When you realize that Sondheim won the Grammy award for Song of the Year in 1976 for Send In The Clowns, it really emphasizes for me how weak this year’s Song of the Year nominees are. It’s too bad.


I was so sad to here this - this weekend. I am a huge musical theater fan! West Side Story has some of my favorite music - along with so many others - a legend definitely he was a legend!



Natalie Wood - so crazy!

Beauty at any Age

CBS Sunday Morning did a very nice presentation on his life. He was blessed to live to the ripe age of 91. His talents will be missed! :disappointed_relieved:


Okay, I LOVE this trailer! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Miles Wei looks so good and the plot seems interesting!

I love the background soundtrack - That’s Life by Frank Sinatra


What an interesting trailer stylistically. It really grabs your attention. So is the drama, by chance, titled ‘That’s Life’?


No, it’s called “My Marvelous Fable” :sweat_smile:


That’s a cool name too, but it would have been fun if it was called That’s Life. :grin:


@vivi_1485 it really is an overdramatic fall/catch, I forgot about that one. lol

18 Again


Physics has left the chat.


If you’re going to do a trip and catch trope scene, I guess go big or go home. :joy:


:joy::joy::joy: I LOVE this gif!! Thank youuuuu!!


Hahaha when I watched this I was thinking that if you guys watched it too, you would comment on it :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Our JunHo’s ‘Red Sleeve’ has been topping the ‘Most Buzzworthy’ drama rankings since it came out, but this week its two stars also topped the actor ranking chart!

Way to take the drama world by storm after returning from the military.

“The Red Sleeve” And Its Stars Sweep Most Buzzworthy Drama And Actor Lists | Soompi


We had no doubt - Junho - his ADS and marketing has been on TOP ever since he came home! Now he is topping more lists!!! Of course!!!


Tears are coming down my face - cuz - what the actor is saying is so true (the actor from suspicious partner I love that guy)

Junho was born to do what he does - he is just a Special Humble Talented person! :sob:


@sweetybirdtoo You HAVE to watch this video. PHS makes SO MANY of the ‘noises’ (you’re welcome, if you haven’t seen it yet :wink: ), and these two are really so much fun together!