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Isn’t this song and video amazing? And my Wooyoungie is flying! :heart_eyes::heartbeat:


@table122000 I believe you’ve previously brought up the topic of Kpop groups doing English language albums. I was just reading an article on Soompi about MONSTA X, and they mentioned that they will be coming out with their second full-length English album in the near future, so someone is doing it, and it sounds like their first one was fairly successful. I am not really familiar with much of their work.


Yes, Happy – it comes out this Friday the 10th!


Cool! Thanks for letting me know about Monsta X’s new English language album. I remember when the first fully English album came out last year, and was happy when it was well received and even got a spot on Billboard 50 Best Albums of 2020. Yes, I’m glad that at least one of the K Pop groups are releasing English albums the same way they release Japanese language albums. I think Monsta X’s success with English language album showed the K Pop industry that K Pop artists in general can succeed when they sing English language songs, although they were not the first K Pop stars to record songs entirely in English. Monsta X really the pioneers here for doing a whole album. Maybe they give inspiration to BTS to release an all English single since Monsta X album released in February 2020 and the BTS release Dynamite in August 2020. I’ll wish Monsta X all the best for their new English album and I will be interested to see how it does after release. I’m still waiting for that “Korean Invasion” to follow in BTS wake.


Monsta X is coming out with English album??? Really!!!


Apparently they already have one and will be releasing their second very soon! Here is the article:

MONSTA X On Achieving Their Most Music Show Wins Yet With “Rush Hour,” Their Upcoming Film And English Album, And More | Soompi


What a rainbow :dizzy::rainbow: :star_struck::rainbow: :star_struck::rainbow::star_struck::rainbow::star_struck::rainbow::star_struck::dizzy:


Some music for the cafe…!!!


:+1:t5::+1:t5: Tell me, how you like the #Mazelee #fam now?!
Amyah started later than her younger siblings, in her Korean schooling but she’s made so much progress!! :dizzy: :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face: #ScoutHer! :blush:


I find myself answering people with Korean phrases - even while txting sometimes! LOL


New Group in the House! I just found
Music for the Cafe



fabulous close outs

Ok - So I have a confession
When watching 5 to 9 - The Monk had me at Monk (cuz he’s gorgeous) but he definitely had me at Jimmy Choo! I know this about myself so I don’t go near shoe stores! I would be a crazy shoe lady if given the chance and I would have them in platforms - I love platform pumps!!!

Aw - Jimmy Choo! :shopping:

I need to be in a drama where the guy from “W” buys me shoes



The many fans you’d have seeing red🤣


He can buy me RED SHOES!!!



I got Viki Plus as an early Christmas present this year, so I have started watching Dali & Cocky Prince. So far I am enjoying it-too cute!

Got some other good news this week: F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers will premiere on Dec. 18, 2021! I’ve been waiting 2 years for this drama ever since it was announced in 2019 so I am very excited to finally see it! The trailers look awesome and the entire cast is gorgeous! Saw an interview with the director and I was impressed by how much prep work he’s done with the cast and crew since most of the cast are young newbies. From the trailers, it looks like this version will be tackling the issues of social media and bullying, which it is good to see that they are taking inspiration from the source manga (bullying issue) and adding a fresh update with the social media aspects. I can’t wait to see how Thailand updates this classic story for a new audience. Here’s the English subbed trailers for anyone interested:


if I wore them I would fall! be the red ,blue, purple or whatever!


For those interested in kpop history-
I love SM’s remastering project! They’ve been remastering very old 1st/2nd gen MVs and releasing them… it’s fun to walk through all those old concepts and styles!
This was released even before I was born. It’s so cool to see that the Kwangya concept has been going on for decades now.


Junho’s ‘Red Sleeve’ will be getting one extra episode!

“The Red Sleeve” Confirms Plans For 1-Episode Extension | Soompi


He is never going to get to REST -


I’m so excited! Kim Jae Kyung is joining LJG’s new dramaaaaaaa!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: