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Is it funny that I just realized that Kim Byung Chul and Jo Woo Jin are two different actors?

They look strikingly similar and they play similar characters. I had been thinking that the Han Tae Seok from Happiness is the same guy from Goblin. They look so similar yet so different at the same time.


Wow, they DO look so much alike! Especially in their profile photos.


As a huge Kim Byung Chul fan, I protest :joy: They do look similar, but Kim Byung Chul has very striking features.


I am missing my “W” Lee Suk
I love watching this and how hard he worked!!!
Makes me smile!!




Did anyone watch the 2021 MAMA Awards? If so, what did you think about it? With Fan Voting component gone for the majority of the awards (except Fans’ Choice and I think Worldwide Icon) I was interested to see if there would be any real differences with the winners this year. I don’t really follow MAMA Awards, but I don’t think the winners looked much different than if fan voting was included-maybe I’m wrong.

I was excited to watch the special 4th gen performance but I was expecting everyone to perform together on stage so it was disappointing for me when each person performed separately.
I was excited to watch the performances of ATEEZ and Stray Kids since i had come to know these groups from Kingdom: Legendary War. Also enjoyed ENHYPEN since I watched I-LAND, the reality show that formed the group. I like ENHYPEN’s sound and both Niki and Sunghoon really shone in the dance breaks. It was nice to see them win Best New Male Artist. Finally got a chance to see girl groups Itzy and aespa perform live. I can see why they have so many fans.

Of course BTS won all the major awards for the night, although I was thinking IU might win for Album and Artist of the Year since 2021 was huge for her.
Baekhyun won for Best Male Artist, beating out fellow groupmates D.O. and Kai. That must have been a strange feeling, to be competing against your groupmates. I guess EXO fans were celebrating for sure!
It was interesting evening since many of the “regular” performers were not attending this year. I saw a lot of comments about “where is X?” but I thought it was nice to see the newer groups finally be able to take the MAMA stage and perform in front of a larger live audience. (some for the first time since debut) I don’t know if MAMA was trying to make a statement or not. The only downside for me was I could not tell if many of the groups were actually singing live or just relying on the backtracks. Frankly, it felt like a lot of them were relying on the backtracks to me, which is unfortunate since events like MAMA are the only chance for someone like me to experience these K Pop stars in a “live concert” setting with real voices.
What did others here at the Cafe think about the 2021 MAMAs?


I was kinda disappointed but I don’t really come to the MAMAs with high hopes (all EXO-L have MAMA trauma deep inside). The intro was cool though. I think the highlight was the special effects. I don’t understand what they did, but it was so much fun to watch.

The performances were all really good, and newbie kpop fans would like seeing all their favorite bands with very few “unknown” performances… Some concepts were really cringey, though… I just wanted to laugh at the ITZY stage when they started beating up bad guys and finally when a member aimed a very fake-looking gun at Heo Sung Tae and killed him :joy: Even the comments were all like “What the heck am I watching lol.” But their Mafia performance was fire, as always. ITZY is a talented group.

ikr. They used to do that even when they attended the MAMAs, and they always just get up and celebrate with the member who won.

We’re pretty divided on the MAMAs. Half the fandom still boycotts the MAMAs, so even our fan votes are less than the real numbers. I was there for NCT (my other favorites are SEVENTEEN and EXO - neither came).

Stray Kids had an elaborate stage. It was fun to watch. I first started liking them and ATEEZ when I saw the Inception - God’s Menu collab stage in last years’ MAMAs. ATEEZ also performed really well. NCT DREAM’s stage wasn’t very elaborate, but their harmony caught me off-guard. Live or not, I like “Hello Future” and its melody… the boys also have strong vocals and I enjoyed the performance.

I THINK some were live with soft backtracks or something. I can’t be sure. Or they might have done one song live and the other one without. I remember seeing a member struggling with his breath because he wasn’t able to strike a cool pose, but I could be mistaken.

My only complaint is that THEY DIDN’T RAISE THE MICS. THIS IS THE MNET ASIAN MUSIC AWARDS, FOR GOODNESS’ SAKE! My poor tall guy Lee Do Hyun and other actors like him were all bending over in front of the mics and it looked so weird! :sob::sob: The award recipients’ mics all seemed to be adjusted to their heights, but most the male presenters had to bend. I noticed that they changed to hand-held mics after a while.


@table122000 @vivi_1485

I don’t watch any award shows.
I’m wondering if they influence your perception of (certain) artists?


They could. If their award acceptance speech is memorable and heartfelt, I remember the artist fondly, whether or not I know them. I’m also introduced to new artists. Aside from that, it’s no different from a live performance.


The Legend of the Traveling Tardis

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Kpop Bio


Our Barista Today is in JPop and also My Beautiful Man!

Yusei Yagi :bird:


He is a beautiful man.

I don’t watch awards shows. I never watched them in my own country either. Forgive me for saying so, and this is strictly my own personal opinion, but I’ve always felt like so many of them are really just popularity contests. There are so many extremely talented people and genuinely quality projects that never get the attention they deserve, so it’s hard for me to get into award shows. If there is a particular performance that may have taken place at one, I will track down a clip of it later on.


I loved Barney Miller & CHiPs


I stopped watching awards shows YEARS ago!!! Years AGO! I don’t like them!


I agree. The only award that genuinely surprised me was Best Band - it went to Jannabi, a band I had no clue about. The other nominees were DAY6 and N.Flying, two bands I adore. After watching Jannabi’s performance, though, I was happy they chose him.

I know BTS really do deserve every award they win, but of course it gets a little boring when you know they’re going to win every award they’re nominated for. There’s no build-up of anticipation, no “JUST TELL US THE WINNER ALREADY!” frustration :sweat_smile: There’s just too much of a gap between them and all the other artists in the industry


tea anyone?

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My favorite ‘Pixie’ korean actress Park So Dam (30 years old) has been found to have health problems during a routine checkup. I’ve seen her in Beautiful Mind and Cinderella and the Four Knights. Praying for a complete and speedy recovery for her.



I mentioned this in the celebrity news thread when I read about it yesterday. I haven’t seen anything that further explains what her treatment plan may be or if the surgery is presumed to take care of the situation for now. Nevertheless, here’s hoping she makes a speedy recovery without any complications.