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Yes, I also think that there were some live performances mixed in with those that were focused on backtracks to varying degrees. The problem was it was difficult to distinguish any “pure vocal” performances from " vocal with aids/tricks" performances with the groups. Of course easier to figure out what was going on with the soloists. I just wish that these award shows could be more of a “concert experience” than what I got, but I understand the reasons why it’s not that feasible. I just get disappointed since the opportunity for me to see any of these K Pop stars in concert is very slim, so I have to rely on these awards shows for live performances. I’m probably in the minority for wanting to just hear the pure vocals. Most people seem to want to watch the dancing.

As for the mics- IKR? Not adjusting the mic stand must be a trend because it was also that way at the American Music Awards this year. So many people hunched down over the mic, poor things.

Glad you enjoyed some of the stages. Yeah- Stray Kids had an elaborate stage, and I thought Ateez stage was big as well with all of the traditional dancers and musicians.

@feyfayer Sometimes they do. I like to hear pure vocals at the award shows, so if a group doesn’t even try to sing live, it affects my view of them. I understand the need for backtracks but I still appreciate it more when K Pop stars keep it to a minimum for these live award show stages. It’s my understanding that only the top acts get invited to perform at the award shows, so I expect them to be able to sing live. I believe it is considered a big deal if an act is invited to perform on these award shows, a sign that they have “made it”. I know some people are very critical about the dancing at award shows, but that’s not as important to me so I can forgive more there. Sometimes you will just see a powerful performance at the award shows and that can introduce me to an artist that I wasn’t that familiar with or who I wasn’t that interested in previously,

I understand where you are coming from. And yes, many of them are more of a popularity contest. Certainly for South Korea as I have not been able to find a music awards show that is only based on artistic merit with no regard to sales or chart position. They all have numbers as part of the criteria for winning.

I was surprised to see Jannabi in the nominees too. I had seen the lead singer several times on Immortal Songs so I knew who they were, but often the guests on Immortal Songs aren’t seen in the K Pop Idol world. It was great to see them win at MAMA.

Yes, I agree that it’s a bit boring when you know that BTS is an auto win. I like BTS as people but I have to admit to a little bit of “BTS fatigue” when it comes to the award shows. I mean they have won Artist of the Year at MAMA for 6 years in a row now. Of course I know that they deserve everything, but there’s a small part of me that just wants someone else to have a turn. Like you said, there’s not much excitement anymore when they are nominated in a category since they have a lock on it.

I saw an article in Soompi today about her cancer surgery. I wish that she has a successful surgery with no complications and can make a full recovery. There were some informative comments from other posters who also had dealt with the disease. It looks like there is a very high survival rate which is good but dealing with the medications to replace the thyroid hormones can be difficult. She will have to be on medication for the rest of her life. I wish her only the best.


That’s why I liked NCT DREAM’s stage. All the others had visually mesmerizing performances, but I liked their Hello Future performance because it felt like a refreshing break from all the beats and the hype. I love the harmony and actual music they presented. I don’t really care much about live vocals but I like it when the voices are layered. Hello Future’s choreography was also easier on them because they were concentrating on the vocal part.


So, @porkypine90_261 incase you don’t see it on dscrd


omg ): I hope all goes well this is so sad


yes, hope all goes well. prayers going up


Yes, NCT Dream stage was nice and focused on the vocals. I watched some clips on YouTube from older past MAMA Awards in 2010 and 2011 and it was nice for me because it was more like a live concert experience. The audio wasn’t as good but that was because the groups were live singing with minimal backing tracks. I could hear people getting out of breath from the singing and dancing. Dance moves were more understated because people were focused on the singing. The excitement came from the elaborate stage sets and concepts rather than complex choreography moves since people had to pace themselves for the singing. I don’t know, it just felt more like a live concert to me. Interestingly, I noticed the camerawork was different then as compared to now. More focused on long shots and full body shots than what I saw for 2021. NCT Dream stage was definitely more like those older MAMA performances with the focus on the singing and the more understated choreography that didn’t have them running around so they could save their breath for singing.


I love going to the “old days of kpop”! Sometimes I spend hours watching oooooold videos, where the artists didn’t have to be afraid of a million fans creating scandals for them (sure, there were scandals, but I’ve noticed that the male and female idols keep a lot more distance from each other in the recent years - iKON said they weren’t allowed to interact with BP). We also had so many collaborations(Thank you, KBS!!)… and the way everybody would come together and dance and sing and celebrate on stage in the end. You hardly see that these days because the fandoms are so large and vicious. And everyone is so focused on pretty globally appealing performances than just having fun

I’m so thankful that SM put their MV remastering project into motion. It’s like they’re walking us down the memory lane of k-pop and it’s so interesting to see! I also love SM Orchestra’s arrangements of popular songs like NCT’s Make a Wish and Red Velvet’s Red Flavor. I hesitate to call myself an SM stan because it could mean a variety of things(you have to be careful because somebody is ALWAYS offended :roll_eyes:), but I always feel like SM gives me what I’m interested in. I can feel their passion for the music more than just the performances.

This is SO good


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My heart is beating so fast and I am floored!!! I am so happy for CHANNIE I’m so so Happy for him! But man - he is 31 good for him - good for him!!! NOT sure if he is leaving 2pm - I guess we will find out???


Oh! I watched him, (Taecyeon of 2pm) in Dream High, :heart: it!

His works :wink::+1:t5:


That is OK T - he is also 2pm and dating

Channie was in What is Wrong with Secretary Kim - as ONE SUIT GUY - LOL

Recently - Married an Anti-Fan


Ooops! :joy::rofl: I get it now! They’re different people :face_with_hand_over_mouth:



lol I didn’t write that specific sub but I would do the same


This is what I want for all the people I follow. I’m so glad he found someone to love him for who he really is, not the persona he shows to the world.

‘This person has been the resting place for my unstable heart and a friend who I can share anything with’


What a beautiful line, right? Everyone should be so lucky to find that.


Yes, it’s nice to watch the older videos and see what K Pop was like in the past. I find my way to them mostly as a K Drama watcher. The older K Dramas feature many K Pop stars and it is nice to be able to see these videos and take a look their music, especially now that SM has remastered some of the old videos so we can have nice quality. I remember researching H.O.T. after watching Reply 1997 some years ago and I’m glad SM remastering some of those H.O.T. videos. The 2ndFL in Beautiful Days was K Pop star Lee Jung Hyun and I watched a few of her videos as well after I watched the drama a few years ago. Anyway, I like that you can still find these older K Pop stars works today on Youtube.

I have noticed as well that the K Pop stars in the past years seem to be much more relaxed around each other at these industry events, and not afraid to cheer each other on. It’s especially noticeable with the male/female interactions. It’s fun to watch the fan cam reaction videos to see the K Pop stars laughing and cheering on their collegues, both male and female. You don’t see as much of that these days.

For sure it is rare to see the K Pop stars really let loose and be silly. The 2018 KBS Song Festival Amor Fati performance is legendary! This official KBS video doesn’t show half of what happened on stage with the K Pop stars. The fan cam footage is really something.

I understand where you are coming from with liking SM. I find myself gravitating more to the YG artists a lot of times for that “YG” sound. It doesn’t mean that I agree with YG company practices or think that YG is better than all the other agencies. I keep hoping that the K Pop agencies will bring back the “Family Concerts” someday. It was so nice to see all the Stars performing together and having fun together on stage. Like YG Family Concerts-how cool if we could see BigBang, BlackPink, IKON together or SMTown with all their groups together-how cool would it be to see EXO ,NCT, aespa sharing the stage? Maybe someday. I think SM mention they want to have SMTown concerts again.

Congratulations to Chansung and his fiancee! I wish them joy and happiness in their life together as a family.I was glad to see he didn’t apologize for getting married in his letter to fans. Good. I still hope for the day when dating, getting married and having family whatever their age will be normal occurrence for K Pop stars and not be cause for worry. I don’t think he will leave 2pm. Someone else posted that Taecyeon is at another agency but still promotes with 2pm so I’m thinking he will probably do the same.


Yes - you can miss read his Instagram note - he basically says he is leaving JYP - with an open ended he is not sure where things will take him - he will let everyone know - when he knows!!! At first, I thought he was leaving 2pm - I hope not!!! I love my boys!



I just discovered today via another forum that South Korea DOES have a music award similar to the Grammy Awards. They are the Korean Music Awards. The Korean Music Awards are given by a panel of judges consisting of music critics, academics, and industry professionals. Here is more information about the KMA for those interested:
Interestingly, the KMAs have only been around since 2004. MAMA started in 1999, and Golden Disc Awards began in 1986.


and his character in Suspicious Partner oh I hated him and his father :joy: Congratulations! I’m so happy for him!