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SM has been having SMTOWN concerts every year though… there was a free online concert last year and there will be another one on Jan 1. Since it was online, they weren’t live stages, but they all collaborated to sing the SM Family song - Hope by H.O.T. It was soooooo much fun to listen to their voices together, I cried :sweat_smile: Can’t wait for the Jan 1 concert.

The last Collab stage they had to my memory was on KBS, where they had a Red Velvet x EXO x NCT stage and I remember Hyoyeon with them but maybe that’s not the same srage



I thought they had cancelled the SMTown concerts so that is good to know they are still going. Hopefully the other companies will start doing them again.


I know him as “One Suit Guy” from What is Wrong with Secretary Kim!!! He plays a jerk a lot!!! LOL


i know him as the slimey cheater from Suspicious Partner :joy::joy: it took me a LOT of 2PM content(and your unwavering support for them) for me to finally separate his real character from his Suspicious Partner one


O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! how unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out! - Romans 11:33, KJV


This is a pairing I think I might really like, and it’s a mystery romance that sounds interesting. Looking forward to seeing Yeo Jin Goo again. Hoping for good things!


While searching for clips about F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers which is premiering on Dec. 18, 2021, I found this show called Loukgolf’s English Room. From what I understand the host is an English teacher (I think he is a university professor) Anyway, he has this program where he interviews various celebrities in English in order to help students increase their English fluency. I saw his interview with Bright, and really enjoyed it. I checked out his channel and found this interview with GOT7 BamBam. It was really interesting. it’s rare that we get to see the K Pop stars talking for an extended period of time in English. The interview is conducted in English but they do speak Thai sometimes. Click on CC to see English subtitles for the entire interview including the Thai portions. I remember we have some GOT7 fans here at the Cafe, so I post the link:


I’m a GOT7 fan. Thanks for the video. I’ll check it out.


I love Loukgolf’s channel! He’s a decent host and doesn’t cross boundaries (which happens a lot with some Thai hosts)

I watched that ep. with BamBam and absolutely enjoyed it! You can tell BB was comfortable the whole time.


We need music!!!

And this is not the video that makes you nauseous


Yes, I liked Loukgolf’s interview style too. Interviewers in general can often cross the line, but he was good about keeping things level.


I know a bunch of you joined the watch party for the movie ‘Pirates’, and I just learned that there is a ‘Pirates 2’ (aka 'The Pirates: Goblin Flag) on the way, starring Kang Ha Neul and our FL from ‘Happiness’ Han Hyo Joo. This should be fun!

Kang Ha Heul and Han Hyo Joo Lead Rollicking Band of Seafaring Bandits in First Posters for K-movie Pirates 2 | A Koala's Playground (


oh my!! Chae Soo Bin and Oh Sehun in one drama??! BRING IT ON! :heart::heart:


The article I posted had her name wrong, so it didn’t even register that she was in it. What a stellar cast! Can’t wait to see it!


Isn’t Lee Kwang Soo part of that cast as well?
I remember they talked about it before he left Running Man.


Yes, he is. There are a lot of familiar names/faces in the cast. The original ‘Pirates’ movie was also full of well-known actors.


I’m sure we knew about this but can’t wait for “Office Blind Date” Kim Min Kyu and
Ahn Hyo Seop


Did I know about this? I’m not sure I did, so thanks for sharing.


I know right - I thought that is July - How did we miss that???