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I hate sharing

I really hate sharing my boy!!! But here is Junho for Christmas!!! :christmas_tree:



Merry Christmas Fellow Segue Cafe patrons and owners! :evergreen_tree:

Hottie Posse Overlord - Rewind Queen - Baby Bird U All Supreme Chancellor


AIGOO they’re so handsome!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I am in crush with Wooyoung - ATEEZ

I am an ATINY

WooYoung - SAnnie and YeoSANG


This is one of my favorite performances of Dynamite - so 70s!

So sad to here I think 4 members now have Covid after trying to resume concerts here in the US.

Get Well Soon BTS


I’ve only recently fallen down the Monsta X rabbit hole, but I’m already in love. This is a song off their recent all-English album. I am not familiar enough with their discography yet, but this seems quite different than their usual fare. Actually, most of the album feels that way. It’s pretty dreamy. This MV is beautiful, as is the song.


I love their newest album. It’s sooooo good. The title track makes me want to cry. :cry:


I either LOVE or hate Monsta X. I’m not a huge fan of their harder stuff, but I’m so whipped for their softer music


Anyone want boba? :laughing:

Something that always happened to me pre-current situation was that we would go to tea cafes and end up talking to the owner(s) about different teas, combinations, etc…

I had some lovely conversations about tea and learned a bunch (and introduced some tea cafe owners to each other :rofl:). Some of them were impressed about how much I knew (I still don’t think I know THAT much).

The last person I talked to about tea was recently in a specialty dessert shop that started selling boba. They are boba noobs, so I gave them some feedback. I’ll have to try their boba again to see if they improved (I’m super picky with boba) :smile:.

Haha, long story.
How’s your day? :blush:


Wonho is so little!!!
My MonstaX included Wonho!!!

Music in the CAFE!

WOW now he looks like this - My Bunny!


I love that video on the rooftop!


Video is 11:05 in length.


Video is 3:17 short


both of them looks good!


He-he! Watching, and looking at them is making me hungry. :smile:


Watching Wookie Yawn almost KILLED me dead - DEAD!


Why is he so adorable when he first wakes up in the morning? I have to admit, though, that the camper thing gave me some traumatic flashback moments to ‘Lovestruck in the City’.


Ugh - we can’t have that


:rofl: Hated it that much?


I actually didn’t hate it, but the FL put Wookie through the wringer, and since so many of their happy times were in his rented camper thing, it brings up unhappy memories. :sweat_smile: