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I simply couldn’t finish it, I couldn’t get past the way the FL treated ML :sob:



I see.

I just watched it as a ‘both sides are wrong’ type of drama. I liked the format of the show, but a lot of things kind of fell flat. You aren’t missing a whole lot.

I saw that Ntfx has a show now with a similar format [documentary crew following the characters]. Maybe this one will be better :blush:


I liked the format too. It was different and interesting. And I liked the cast for the most part.


I couldn’t see it that way. The ML was so sweet & loving, they got along wonderfully and then…

I had to stop watching, I couldn’t watch his heartbreak and him eventually taking her back, that would have made me so mad, she didn’t deserve the energy he wasted on just missing her, she certainly didn’t deserve to get him back, he deserved someone who would actually love him. I don’t care that she had her own problems and issues, if that’s the case she shouldn’t have dragged someone into her mess, she should have matured before starting a relationship. I’m clearly not over it. lol


I want to say more, but since I can’t remember specific details,
except for how we reacted to the characters, I won’t :laughing:. Still stand by what I said before :wink: .

This is definitely not the drama for you then, lol :smile:.
Luckily there are so many other dramas to choose from :partying_face:


My 2nd most disliked FL is her - and I know she treats Wookie - really poorly - so I just can’t watch it!
I won’t survive so I stay away! And I love WOOKIE just like I love Gumiho but can’t watch Now We are Breaking up cuz of FL.


Yes, thankfully there’s lots of variety. I’m sure some dramas that I love other people hated, Happiness being the most recent, I loved it so much, others didn’t, clearly they’re wrong though. :wink::joy:


Wake up to a LITTLE WOOKIE



I don’t even like him being with Yoona!!! LOL



How nice to wake up to two of my favorite K-hotties. :fire::fire::fire::heart_eyes:


You know I don’t like SHARING!!! NOPE NOT ME!



So someone at the gym told me not to do laundry on New Year’s Day!!! LOL

All I know is you have to have black eyed peas, collards and cornbread in the South - which will be happening!

Do you have any superstitions for New Year’s!?


Kdrama, yes a lot of olllld superstitions there, and come here to the south(USA, of course) and what was mentioned and so many more,

yea, the sweeping the floor, the washing the clothes, and person that leaves or enters the house, male good luck female, not so much good luck,

as for the greens mainly collards, black-eyed peas, cornbread, oh yeah ham and tea!! I am substituting the peas for lima beans this year, rice is supposed to be there too. wonder if these came from different countries that my ancestors handed down??

research again!! didn’t say anything about like a cake or pie…


one more thing HAPPY NEW YEAR…


@kdrama2020ali @irishtigger, I finally got my oldest to take a picture of the ring she made, ok, it doesn’t look anything like the ring someone was wearing in Color Rush, but I guess it reminded me of it. I’m super proud of her though, its silver from carved wax, her teacher was impressed too.


Our BABE from Color Rush!!!

I love it - it is beautiful!!! Silver is my fav


Here’s something different, and entertaining, Video is 9:51


That is GORGEOUS! She is very talented!


Kim Bum
Kim Bum
Kim Bum!

I’m so excited!


And it has POPCORN :popcorn: