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Whahaha I see you also got this in your recommends? :rofl:
I saw this a week (?) ago and I was laughing at the comments :blush:


Indeed. It was a real eye-opener. :sweat_smile:


oh brother!! more mistakes for me! I didn’t understand any of the language, BUT I did understand his movements, so I guess I have been opening doors the wrong way too!!


here is something us ladies need to pay attention to.
good to be careful, one more thing, be aware of your environment, where you are pay attention!!


If there is one thing that crime series have taught me is to
“Always look in your backseat.” It baffles me that people don’t do this :sweat_smile:.

And the locking your car is a good practice in general. Someone tried to get in the car I was in once, because they thought it was their car :laughing:. The door was locked and I had a good laugh (so did the person).

I have to disagree with the elevator one though. Yes, it has a camera (that hopefully works), but on the other hand, you have nowhere to go if something happens.


ok I came back on here just for this, anyone for cake?? how awesome is this???

y’all have a great day, we are cold here in NC today, 20 degrees to start.


Same here – 25 in Mississippi!


Another outstanding cake! How cool and creative.

I started doing a lot of things based on what I’ve seen happen in crime shows. I definitely check my back seat every time, and probably take a glance under the car as I’m walking up to it, too. And not just locking your car once you get in, but I will lock it after I load my groceries and have to take the cart to the cart collection corral because I wouldn’t want anyone running off with my groceries. LOL

I’ve been pretty taken aback over the last few years when reading about the lengths that human traffickers will go to, to steal children right out from under their mothers’ noses at stores. The world can be a terrifying place sometimes.


Lol, I usually see people leaving their groceries in their bicycle bags (I do it too, depending on the area I’m in). People usually don’t steal those :laughing:. Or, I hope not…

I do this for a different reason - to check whether there aren’t any animals beneath the car.


Try negative 3 when I walked out of the house this morning. Now it’s a blazing 10 degrees (bikini weather). Gotta love northern Iowa!


Well that’s positively SCORCHING. :rofl:


you get a great suntan there with that 10 degrees!!




The new Public Watch Party feature looks like it’s being used a lot by younger audiences… this was the selection today :grimacing:


I hate it when I see or hear any animal be out in the cold, especially here in NC and my area


I just found out that MDL has a “Year-In Review” feature, which is basically a review of my drama-watching year :sweat_smile: It has all sorts of interesting results

I agree that I’m a crazy tvN fan :sweat_smile:
I also found out that most of the cdramas I HATED were directed by the same director :joy:
What are yours?


That’s interesting! Where do I search for it on MDL?

Found it :joy:

tvN is great lol

Not surprised :rofl:


Thanks for telling us about this. It’s pretty cool to check out my stats. Although, I did just start my MDL in 2021, and every drama I’ve watched over my nearly three years of drama watching show up in the stats for that year, so they are a little skewed.

No surprise that my power couple from the Philippines are my most watched actor and actress - Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo. They are how I got my start in the world of Asian dramas, and I’ve watched just about everything of theirs that I could get my hands on, and they’ve been in a lot.

The fact that three out of my five top watched actresses are Chinese just goes to show that for some reason I tend to connect to Chinese actresses but Korean actors.

I thought it was cool that it included the most watched directors and screenwriters.

My ‘most watched network’ is Netflix, but a vast majority of the dramas I’ve watched on that platform are actually from other networks. IQiyi and tvN are the other most watched.


For anyone having trouble finding it (I had :laughing:),
you can find it under ‘stats’ and click ‘2021’ (or 2020).

I have something similar going on. Sometimes I come across a bunch of dramas I forgot to add, so I add them all at once. This is why my list is (very) skewed :laughing:. Maybe next year it’ll be more accurate.


I found mine, wow interesting!

Most Watched Actresses

5 Dramas

4 Dramas

4 Dramas

4 Dramas

4 Dramas

Most Watched Actors

5 Dramas

5 Dramas

4 Dramas

4 Dramas

I know theres more but thats ok