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I peeked via the link :wink:
It’s not live right now so I don’t see it on my homepage.


I don’t think it will be there at all. Those of us here in discussions had not had any luck with that so far.


goodness, what’s going on? So none of us here on Discussions have successfully launched a WP that can be seen on everyone’s homepages? :flushed:

@porkypine90_261 isn’t it at 7PM ET?


same here, nothing


I peeked at the WP from the link provided. It was not on my Viki Homepage. I clicked on the See All in the Viki Homepage but it was a blank page with message that No Watch Parties currently available. So people can only see the select few WP that show up on their homepages until WP go live, I guess. Will have to wait and see.

Otherwise, I saw some news about a documentary series on BTS that has been created by a BTS ARMY fan. Her name is Aneesa and she is a professional film editor. The documentary series is called “The Rise of Bangtan” and is available on YouTube. Den of Geek published a story about her and the series and the Den of Geek profile got some press. I read the original story and decided to check out the series at YT. It’s quite interesting. I 've seen the first 2 episodes, and I think they are well done. As a casual fan wanting to learn more about the group, I think the series delivers (so far) although there has been no background info on member V but hopefully that will change as the series continues. I was surprised at the relatively low view count of the episodes, considering that the series is available with subtitles in over 12 languages and the size of ARMY fanbase being estimated at 40 million. I had expected to see a lot more views. Maybe it’s large for a fan video. I don’t know. Anyway, Aneesa has spent 4 years on the project , working on it in her spare time, so a true labor of love. For anyone interested, here is the Den of Geek Article and link to the Rise of Bangtan YT Channel:
Den of Geek How One BTS Fan Built The Rise Of Bangtan
The Rise of Bangtan YouTube Channel


It’s at 6 PM ET and it’s already 6:13 PM ET & not one person has found it yet. It has never been on the home page any time I’ve looked. I am canceling that show now.

Ah, I looked at the members’ list to see who peeked and it is just the people on the discussion board. they’ve all left.


Well, Fall IN Loved WP just started EP 16 and it is NOT on the Home Page.

Link OOPs that one expired!



Jesus!! I don’t know what to think about myself lol



You okay? :see_no_evil:
You watched a lot of dramas :laughing:.
Not suffering from K/C/T/J drama aftereffects?


probably!!! I was thinking the same thing, MDL makes me realize how much time I have invested in watching dramas and it always surprises me lol


16 hours per week, my goodness!! :exploding_head::exploding_head: You’re our sunbae now :joy:


Ever only seen a word in the dictionary or a book and never knew how to pronounce it? And when you first heard the pronunciation, you thought “sorry, what?” :laughing:. I had that with a couple of words.

I was reminded of that when I saw these videos (I actually do know the correct pronunciation of this one :rofl:, but it’s quite funny to hear and sometimes someone else’s pronunciation messes mine up.)


I find my stats interesting also, I only started my MDL in July so I thought it would be skewed, but it’s only new dramas, it doesn’t include any rewatches because I spend more than 6 hours per week watching dramas, but I rewatch a lot, it’s easier on my brain. The tags & Countries I found interesting, I’ve only started watching Thai BLs maybe a year and it beat out the other countries even though I’ve watched Taiwanese, Chinese, and Japanese dramas for longer.



Does MDL actually count rewatches in your stats?
I haven’t updated any of my dramas for rewatches yet, so I have no idea. I know you can add the amount of times you rewatched something [I have to think hard about which dramas I rewatched :rofl:]


I don’t think it does. If I add a rewatch, it doesn’t change my overall days/hours watched or anything.


OOH – I didn’t know that! Now I get to add rewatches to my list as well!


Oh dear… Tha is scary! I am not EVEN going to think about how much time I spend on dramas. Mostly segging though… lol


AHAHA My dad called it “wiki-sheer sauce.” :laughing:


oh wow this looks so cool, how do I access it so I can track my dramas too?!


Do you have a MyDramaList profile? That’s where a lot of people track what they’ve watched. It can take some time to get everything entered but once you do MDL is easy to keep up with.

If you have a profile and want to see your year end stats, go to your profile and click the year tab.