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Interesting topic, Video is 9:57

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Do you count the dramas you seg too? Or do you watch them all? :blush:


I don’t even want to think about the dramas I have subbed or edited lol
I’ll be in trouble hahaha


Does anyone find themselves admonishing a character in a drama when they do something that doesn’t fit their personality, or goes against some declaration they’ve made earlier … only to keep watching and realize it isn’t what you initially thought and then you feel bad for thinking poorly of that character (and even apologize in your head)?

Just me? Okay then.



I do too!! really just fuss at them and find out oopps I was wrong!!


You are not alone. Darn those writers who withhold information that would clear up our misunderstandings sooner. :smile:


I blame the writer. LOL Because I am one.


AHHHH I hate myself when I do that! The first one was Flower of Evil… I was soooooo confused about whether to support the character or not. And then when I found out who he really was OH THE PAIN I just hated myself for not trusting him :sob::sob: After that, I try to give every ML I meet the benefit of the doubt. It even went to real life, when Chanyeol from EXO got caught in a scandal. Though it was hard, I told myself to trust him, and then I was glad I did. I would have felt SO BAD if I hadn’t, because he released a statement telling the fans to trust him, and then sued the person for spreading misinformation after collecting the necessary evidence. It may hurt if I find out someone I trusted did something very wrong, but I think it hurts even more when I don’t trust an innocent person.

There are lots of side characters I don’t trust at first, and then feel so terrible when they sacrifice themselves or do something very good.


I just couldn’t get into flower of evil


aww I guess it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Lots of people watch it expecting something different… some think it’s a hardcore psychological thriller like Beyond Evil and Mouse, but it’s really an intense romantic melodrama masked as a psychological thriller. The writer just wanted to write a story about a married couple, where one partner thinks they know everything about the other when in reality they know next to nothing about the person. The writer increased the stakes - and the thrill factor - by making the ML a psychopath murder suspect and the FL a detective.

That’s why most viewers who watch it after Beyond Evil and Mouse(since they were released around the same time) get disappointed, while there are a lot of rom-com/romance drama lovers who keep saying they didn’t expect to like it but ended up loving it(I’m in this category. I couldnt get myself to watch either BE or Mouse).


I think this is a good list

Just needs Park Hyung Sik from Happiness!!!


FOE & Beyond Evil are such different dramas, I loved them both but it’s unfair to either drama to compare them. Although it really can make a difference what order you watch shows in, I think I would have liked Born Again better if I’d watched it before FOE, it’s another one that people compare to FOE, at least in the comments. All three have MLs who may or may not be serial killers, but that’s about where the similarity ends. I find that I rarely enjoy a show if I’m constantly comparing it to another, I enjoy them more if I try to watch each for it’s own merit.


I strongly agree that Junho belongs on this list. I finished up ep 12 of The Red Sleeve last night and his acting was phenomenal! He really brought his A-game to this series. He just seems to have matured into such a wonderful actor since his military service…I just can’t say enough good stuff about him. I’m looking forward to many more film/series appearances by this talented guy.


I loved WOK and I loved Just Between Lovers - I know I will love Good Manager!

But Red Sleeve is on another level!!! His facial expressions - he is just so beautiful


I agree! I would never enjoy Dramaland if I compared cdramas to kdramas and jdramas to other dramas. Each country and genre has its own disadvantages and advantages, and it’s so much better to watch it with that “lens” on.


Well, here I sit at my computer before work starts. I have no idea how long I’ll be here as we are predicted to get 7 to 11 inches of snow with wind today (U.S. Iowa). There’s an inch on the ground right now. Should be good times! I hope everyone enjoys a cozy day at home watching their favorite dramas today.



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I just watched this - WOW - The character development of this detective through a 911 call. I was glued to the TV - it not for everyone - it just shows that what you see on face value isn’t necessarily who the person is and deep down that lots of people have wounds and trauma that people just don’t know about or even consider when they think a person is just “what they see on the outside.”