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Remembering James Garner, American actor (Rockford Files, Bret Maverick), born April 7th, 1928 in Norman Oklahoma (d. 2014)


Yes, Me Too! At first I thought the Strawberry Cake Can it was a picture, but then I realize it was actual cake once the person started eating it and the can was see through. The metal top fooled me. I wonder what the can is made of? It did not look like glass. Perhaps heavy duty plastic?

Ah, James Garner-so handsome! I remember him from Rockford Files. Although my favorite part of the show was always the funny answering machine messages at the beginning of each episode. I saw a program about him a few years ago. They said he did his own stunts on Rockford Files and his films and that he was an exceptional stunt driver. He was so good that he could have been a professional stunt driver if he had wanted to, but he turned that down and said he just wanted to focus on acting and just do his own stunts for his roles.


It’s quite a feat, I’ll give them that. And I won’t pretend I wouldn’t be caught eating one myself. It’s cake, after all. :laughing:


From what I’ve read it’s durable glass


Interesting. Thanks!


Soompi (@soompi) Tweeted:
#BTS’s #Jin To Partially Participate In Las Vegas Concerts Due To Injury


Fumi liked, and retweeted! :smiley::heart: L :star_struck: :heart_eyes:K below! :grinning:!


Thanks for sharing that news, @leerla73! How cool was it that Fumi liked your tweet and even retweeted it. I noticed there were some comments at her YouTube as well about BTS fashion missing, so we were not the only ones to notice.


It’s good to know others want to see :star2: stars :star2: from 한국 :kr: :wink:


BTS Performance
Streamed Live, in :us: Las Vegas, USA :us:


heres your “snack” for today


a snack for later

ok cant do without cakes


These are so cuuute! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Short Article with Pictures about Hyun Bin’s Wedding Attire:

He’s looking so handsome!


I screenshot these from your article above, :wink: @table122000! Neat share!


Thanks for the adorable snacks for the day, @frustratedwriter.


oh quite welcome!


So I popped a tire today. I just thought I’d share my woe of Saturday. lol


I’m glad you took it so well because I get furious when I get a flat tire. lol


That really sucks.


I figured I do live in a state that is ridden with potholes around this time of year. This is my first flat ever since driving. It wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. More of a hassle because I really needed to do some errands.

Extremely sucky. Can’t get a replacement until Monday. -_-