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Wow that sucks!

We have a tire place in almost every other corner, and they usually work till late. Especially on weekends bc ppl. are shopping around etc…

You don’t have a spare tire in your car? We call them the DONUT. Everyone needs to have a spare tire for moments like this, and all cars have them. Did you checked your trunk?

I call the cab service here in NY they give you booster in your battery dies for $10 and flat tire to change into your donut or spare is 15 to 20 dollars. If I flirt a little, I easily can get it done for free.


Yes, I have the spare in right now. I called roadside assistance and they were able to do the switch within 30 mins. I just don’t want to drive around with the spare. I’m glad nothing else happened. A flat is definitely better than an accident. Lesson learned, I shall drive more cautiously on county roads.

The roads are so bad in some areas. I haven’t traveled down this particular road in a while, so I wasn’t aware of the pothole.


A sudden flat can certainly cause damage or an accident, so I’m glad that nothing major happened.


Drive very slowly from now on, and don’t worry you can use the spare tire for 1 week my mechanic told me is safe as long as you don’t keep it more than a week riding around.
PS…>>>If the donut spare tire is in bad condition, you can’t use it for more than 72 hours. It will blow up, and that can be really dangerous to anyone in or outside the car. Also, don’t drive in highways with a spare tire: NOT RECOMMENDED since you must go at higher speed than usual.


@my_happy_place Yes, definitely. I’m glad I didn’t try to avoid it by swerving because there was a car to my left.

@angelight313_168 For sure… Thank you I shall keep that in mind.


BTS :us_outlying_islands: Las Vegas, USA :us_outlying_islands:
APRIL 8-9, 2022


DID K-drama leave us? She hasn’t been around for a long while now, and I feel it has been months. Hope she’s doing fine, and will visit us more often to have some cuteys pics around. THANKS to her, I actually got to be able to identify actors by name. Their face was no longer a cute face, but a face with a name. No one does that here: like K-drama did.

Hey, girl. Hope all is well with you and your family.


you are so right, hope she is ok!!


Ehhh… After a slight construction mishap, I decided to let my creative juices flow freely.
:parasol_on_ground: :shark: :penguin: :sweat_smile:


@kdrama2020ali you’re being talked about.

She’s more active on the Drama Lovers discord than here these days. She posts semi-regularly over there, so I’m fairly sure she’s fine.


She left us…:sob:


Aw - You know NAMES!!! I’m so proud of you! I’m here! I actually have gotten into Body Building and I’m at the Gym in the morning and at night - LOL -

I plan to be back starting in the summer!

I’ll try and check in more so you can see my little self wandering around the discussions!

I need to give you guys some more HOTTIES!Cha%20Eun%20Woo


Glad to hear from you! What’s the hottie’s name? Don’t forget to add their name bc I want to write it in my notes. You save me all the work to be looking for their names…(note: I have a difficult time telling them apart most of the time). Thanks a lot. Glad you are doing just fine and in the works for a new you!

Oddly enough, my new treatment is giving me strength, and I want to do the walk for 30 minutes for 30 days, but right now I’m packing to relocate for 10 to 12 weeks. Once I’m in the new place, I will do that since there’s nothing else to do while we wait for the whole apartment to be totally destroyed and reconstruct again.


Thats one of her favorite hotties - Cha Eun Woo (from the band ASTRO and the actor in My ID Is Gangnam Beauty/ True Beauty)


BTS in :us_outlying_islands: Las Vegas, Nevada :us: USA!


we have done a lot of talking about scandles and al;l, I found this morning and hope this clears stuff up


cake for our day

“Music is the universal language of mankind.” - how beautiful is this cake created by Crisalyn Pagba ❤

#saracino #welovepastry


being that we don’t have enough…


this is for the kids at heart


you may not believe it but this is a cake!!

🐇🌸🐇🌸🐇 Today’s cake of the day is this beautiful Easter themed cake🐇🌸🐇🌸🐇

Credit to the wonderful cake artist mentioned on the cake

Photo via Pinterest


The newly wed :ring: Son Yejin :ring:Hyunbin :airplane: airport departure.


You started so well!!! Baby Cha!!!


Watched this really interesting short documentary on South Korea Chaebols from Vice News. I always wonder about the portrayal of rich in the K Dramas-surely much content is exaggerated, I thought. After watching this video, I realize things are even more outrageous for real. Truth is stranger than fiction.
Here is link if anyone interested in the documentary:
South Korea’s Untouchable Families