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That’s a sobering thought because things get outright crazy in dramaland.


OH that is my sweetie from ASTRO

Cha Eun Woo!

I love this article about how perfect he is!


I’m so glad someone else calls him


Cuz I always call him CHA

Hey @natyh



You know my FAVORITE video of him is when he baked a cake for HIS mom on HIS Birthday!




He is perfectly chiseled looking God. Although, sometimes he has very sad eyes, but that’s common in this young overworked young man. When he smiles, he lights up the world. Lucky the girl that marries him…those babies will be adorably beautiful. Imagine a little girl as gorgeous as her Daddy? He’ll have to get a bodyguard for her from all the guys after her when she too becomes famous like her Dad.

Lucky parents what a wonderful son! I’m shocked of what I learned to keep chunks out in the batter mix. lol


I love this video, he’s so sweet!!!

I didn’t know that lol


Wow he can really sing. HE is too perfect. God Bless and protect him


More of his talent - I love him so much!

He cries! I die - This makes me cry buckets

This shows how lonely it can be to be an IDOL

I think prayers for him and all of our idols and talented young guys is needed - I just can’t imagine how difficult it is


Thanks for sharing the Son Ye Jin & Hyun Bin video. I wonder why they went separately to the airport? Anyway, hope they enjoy their honeymoon in LA. HB agency posted a new photo from their wedding:


I stumbled across that video a couple weeks ago, it really is sad to think that someone can be as entitled as this, and believe others are below their dignity, simply on the luck of their birth.
The audacity of turning a plane around just because your nuts were served in a bag and not on a plate shows the complete loss of touch with the rest of the world.
It’s scary to think that the chaebol behaviour in KDramas could really happen.


Wookie came up today in another thread, and then I came across a teaser for his upcoming drama. I have been anticipating this one for so long now. The poster is gorgeous, and it looks like the cinematography is going to be stunning!


Sign me UP for anything WOOKIE! I have MISSED HIM


Pode ser um chá?


That moment when you are watching a YT reactor reacting to a music video from one of your Kpop groups for the first time and trying to guess which position each member has, and:

  1. He sees/hears one of the rappers actually singing and guesses that he is the main vocal (this particular song has no rap verses); and
  2. Sees the actual main vocal and guesses that he must be the main visual.


Proof of what I already knew: Every member is an all-arounder.


OMG that poster looks absolutely amazing! I was already hyped because of the actors, but now I’m even more curious to see this show!


The teasers are even better… TOTALLY getting enchanted Disney movie vibes!!


ready for the cake fix, with coffee of course


music, we need music, on I am older than y’all so bear with me…

and I will hear that song all day!! love it, so that will be good with our cake & coffee

unbeleavable, found out they are in their 70’s as well. cool!!

can’t leave my other people out!!

this is a fun one

“A Place in the Choir” [Chorus] All Gods creatures got a place in the choir, Some sing low and some sing higher, Some sing out loud on the telephone wire, Some just clap their hands or paws or anything they got. [Repeat Chorus] Well listen to the bass its the one on the bottom, Where the bullfrog croaks and the hippopotamus, moans and groans …

these guys were awesome, and are still around too


I could put more on but I think this is enough, don’t want to overwhelm y’all!!


What a legend :smiley:

Put on a smile
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