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Article from Koala’s Playground with Additional Pictures of Son Ye Jin & Hyun Bin wedding (Those happy smiles are everything)


I love ABBA!


You’re so right!


So pretty!

It’s like they are drowning in a sea of flowers.


Oops! On that accident, thankfully, she held on! :exploding_head: She played very intense character roles. Admirable!
This is a priceless share! Thank you! :blush:
This needs to be in Women Who Kick Butt! :+1:t5:
Your share makes me want to watch all her works.


I remember watching her as well as other female martial artist as a kid and thinking: “wow, they are really cool!”
Was really happy to see them in different movies :blush:

You might find this interesting too:


This Bohemian girl loves ABBA


Hi Bohemian girl! :wink: :wave:t5::raising_hand_woman:t5:‍♀


Thanks @feyfayer,
I really enjoyed these! :blush:
Just absolutely wonderful! :dizzy:

Lee Se Hee and D.O!! The pairing is interesting and the character outlines… im really wondering if both can pull it off but I’m excited to see it happen!


y’all I am sorry but couldn’t pass this one by

cake & coffee time



That’s for safety reason for both of them since we have so many lunatics in the world that might try to attack them because they got married. Sometimes they don’t fly in the same plane just in case.

Now, all I want is for them to start a family soon. Although I read rumors she’s expecting. I hope is true! they are a beautiful couple, and you can tell they are madly in love.


Apparently, they got overwhelmed by fans once they landed in LA. I have not watched the video, but I saw a headline about it. US celebrities usually get escorted out of the LA airport through back channels. It’s unfortunate that they had to deal with this.



They went to LA for their honeymoon? I thought they were going to Switzerland since they fell in love with the place while filming their last drama (forgot the title already) lol

That was a bad move I guess they don’t know what’s going on in there omg!

This rich lady got run over by bandits in the daytime to grab her ROLEX watch. No ONE helped her although they could have done so. They killed this lady married to a famous musician, and there was no need for that. Simply disgusting. I hope they stay safe during these horrible times we’re going through, and they chose to go there now. Bad timing.


I personally thought it was a bit of an odd choice as well. They could go anywhere in the world, but to each their own. When the article came out saying that they were seen at the airport, it included their destination of LA, and I wondered if that would end up being a problem because crazy fans figure things out, like arrival times, etc. Again, I have not watched the video to see how bad it really was. For all I know, the headline was an exaggeration.


These were them leaving from Korea :kr:
And them arriving in the USA. :us:
They definitely needed an entourage of assistants.



If you find the link share it here, please. I didn’t know about any of those things going on. I only saw the pic where she’s rubbing her belly, and they think she’s pregnant. I didn’t know they were that popular in LA. Lee Byung Hun. and the ajuma that won all those awards are very popular in LA.

I heard in the news they have in LA an uptick of the new covid variant, but sadly in my Island too since they opened the airports, and tourism has no restriction now. My niece (4 of them) got it again, and they are all vaccinated. Two are police officers, and the other two work in Government Office. In Shanghai =,so many are under lockdown, and they are screaming that they are starving! I’m getting so worried now…:cry:


Leerla posted some links above your post, in case you didn’t see them.

I saw a video supposedly showing people screaming out their windows. At first, we had no idea what we were watching, but once we figured it out, it was so sad and eerie.


There really should have been security, I think it was the Dispach video of their departure that mentioned they were going to LA, so anyone who watched that could have easily figured out roughly when they’d be arriving.

Those fans are too close, I understand them wanting to see them, but please keep a respectful distance, and after this leave them alone. They aren’t here to work, it’s private time.


You’re right, it was Dispatch that revealed their destination.

It makes me so uncomfortable to watch fans act like that, for any celebrity.

They sure had a LOT of luggage. Guess they’ll be staying a while, and it looks like golf is in their plans. Cute.